RURAL DEWEY — At Society for Hooved Animals Rescue and Emergency, our aim is to give the rescued horses peace, care, love and the freedom to be a horse.

George, Jack and Stormy were the “rat pack,” always together. They’ve been a trio for at least 20 years. All three are huge animals with a huge appetite.

When they come into the barn, having to pass through a doorway, I was always surprised that those big butts could pass through the door. We always stood out of the way because when they came in, they were in a hurry.

Hay and grain awaited them. Even as big as they are, they are gentle animals and love the human tough. They were easy to groom and mingle with the volunteers, especially George.

George, a definite icon at SHARE, passed away last week. Colic hit him hard, and the trip to Purdue University for surgery was in vain. But we always try.

Fogal column June 17

The Society for Hooved Animals Rescue and Emergency shelter, rural Dewey, will hold a Stuff the Horse Trailer fundraiser July 11 and 12.

George was a 25-year-old quarter horse gelding, one of SHARE’s earliest rescues but then personally adopted by the director of SHARE. He gave rides to many a youngster (and oldster) during our open house.

George and his buddy Jack were often the first horses new volunteers were greeted by as they entered the barns.

He will be greatly missed by his buddies, volunteers and his owner.

Rest in peace, George. It won’t be the same without you. Look for those carrots you loved so much!

In order to keep our rescue going and taking care of our special critters we need to have some help from the community. Here is a way to help support SHARE on the weekend of July 11 and 12.

 Both days, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., we are hoping to stuff our horse trailer with items from SHARE’s wish list. Volunteers will be there to greet and guide you and help in any way possible.

Our wish list is not too long, and SHARE will be so grateful for any donations. Please check our list. Thank you very much.

  Heide Fogal, a Rantoul resident, is volunteer coordinator at SHARE.