RURAL DEWEY — Not exactly like the bunnies racing through my yard and eating my bean plants, but a Bunny nevertheless.

This Bunny is a new rescue at Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency in rural Dewey.

When SHARE was notified there was an animal needing to be rescued, we responded. Even though we have 40-plus horses on the property, there always appears to be room for one more.

So Bunny came to us. Bunny, a 30-plus-year-old draft mule, was rescued to prevent her being sent to auction where most likely she would have been picked up by a kill buyer. Having been denied proper nutrition she came to SHARE in very thin condition, bony hipbones jutting out.

Bunny the mule

Bunny, a 30-plus-year-old draft mule, wasn’t in the best of shape when she came to Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency in rural Dewey recently. But she is starting to put on weight. Despite housing more than 40 horses, the SHARE staff were glad to take in Bunny. 

Bunny is also missing her fair share of teeth and needs special nutritional supplement. She’s on senior feed, plus alfalfa pellets/cubes soaked in warm water, which she receives several times a day.

When I first saw her, her head was deep in the alfalfa bucket and only came up to take a breath. Perhaps someone can help Bunny with a few bags of feed.

Her favorite is SafeChoice Senior Feed and bags of pellets. Bunny is a docile, gentle-mannered mule, loved by the volunteers. Loves to have her radar ears rubbed.

Since coming to SHARE, Bunny has gained weight and loves being in her round pen. There is a stall when the weather is not conducive to being outside. “HeeHaw”

The SHARE committee was busy getting ready for a small fundraiser during the past weekend. (This column was written before the event.) We hoped to stuff the trailer full of horse-related items. We even take monetary donations.

Since we’re a non-profit, we try different events to help take care of our menagerie.

Wait, there’s more! Sept. 26 SHARE will have a great fundraiser on SHARE property. Late afternoon into evening there will be tents, horse activities, entertainment, barbecue dinner, raffles, silent-auction items and cake.

Ticket prices will be announced in next article, and invitations will go out. Because of the COVID virus, distances will be observed and masks for those who prefer. Also we will be limited to a certain amount of guests.

This is not an open house but a fundraiser to help feed the critters.

The committee is still working on other ideas, so by next article I will have more information. We very much need monetary funding! Thank you.

 Heide Fogal, a Rantoul resident, is volunteer coordinator at SHARE. She can be reached at