Cinco for Fogal column

Cinco will be one of the horses that will be at Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency, rural Dewey, for the meet-and-greet time Saturday, July 6.

RURAL DEWEY — June will be a busy month for the Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency.

We’ve had horses/minis adopted and leave for a new home. And thank goodness no new rescues lately.

SHARE is preparing for its yearly “meet and greet our horses.” It’s not our yearly open house but a day for people who might be or are interested in acquiring a horse, or even just sponsor one of our great guys. Our deserving horses are so looking for new homes, new owners.

SHARE is a great place for rescues to go to; they receive awesome attention. But they need homes.

Our event is not until July but it takes time to make horses presentable. The volunteers work with each horse to get them used to be presented to the public.

We are a small group who are working hard with the horses; it takes a while.

That is the reason I’m always asking for volunteers. We need groomers, walkers and volunteers who are consistent. We also want the barns looking nice. The barn smell can’t be helped.

Come meet the adoptable, rideable, companion pets/pasture pets and sanctuary horses of SHARE. We will have ride demos with our rideable horses. Meet our companion or pasture pets and meet the horses that are our forever sanctuary at SHARE.

We have several green broke horses and horses that have had a refresher course with the trainers. Adoption applications will be available.

Some horses can only be pasture pets or companion horses due to a physical problem that makes them unrideable. The sanctuary horses are permanent residents at SHARE due to age or infirmities. If you cant afford a horse or just want to help, you can sponsor a sanctuary horse or even contribute towards a trainer sponsorship.

There are many ways one can help SHARE. Come meet the horses . See whom you will be helping by helping SHARE.

See you there!

Schedule for July 6 event

Noon, walk the barns and meet the horses.

Lunch available for $5.

1 p.m., rideable horses demonstration.

Companion pets introductions.

Tour of the sanctuary horses.

Heide Fogal, a Rantoul resident, is volunteer coordinator at SHARE.