Rantoul Press columnist

I want to thank all of the readers I heard from, and so I am back.  

I must tell you I really enjoyed running into many of you while shopping just to chat and realize how much all of you enjoyed the column.

So now it is back to reality.  Now the minimum wage is going up? Wow! That is so neat (sarcasm). Stop and think for a  moment how many fast food places are going to die because of this.  

Everyone thought certain towns started looking like a ghost town. Well, what’s going to happen when the restaurants and fast food places start to shut down, when they must raise prices to pay their help.

So who did this? Waiters and waitresses also receive tips. You also hurt them.

Thanking Kathleen and Gene Cooper for their donations. It was split up and went to two places that help people. They helped me so much. Mike and I continue to help, and between the four of us many people received the household items they needed plus food.

Here is a story you should all enjoy. I had a talk with a Rantoul woman who has worked hard most of her life. She took care of people, cleaned houses, took people food and much more.

She now has health issues.

She is looking for a small camper to pull along as she travels to see her children and grandbabies and she can pull into a campground to rest.

If anyone has an item like this to give away because you will never use it, please call me at 217-898-6313.

Thank you in advance.

We have people in Rantoul and the surrounding areas with hearts of gold. She needs a camper that has two bedrooms and a bathroom and is small.


Grandma’s Cake

Two cups flour

Two teaspoons soda

One cup of sugar

Two tablespoons cocoa

One cup of very cold water

One cup of mayonaise

Two teaspoons of vanilla

Combine all the above. Put into greased baking pan. Bake at 350 for 35 minutes.

Let cool. Ice with your favorite icing.

Pauline Poremba of Rantoul writes a weekly column for the Rantoul Press, focusing on social and community issues.