Rantoul Press columnist

It is time to tell the truth. Truth still is the No. 1 reason to do the right thing, say the right thing and behave in a manner worthy of being trusted.

In life we all fall short of the glory of God, but that does not mean you have to continue in shortcomings. It is still a noble attribute to walk in truth.

Most of the population does walk in truth, but we are scattered apart from each other, and it does not appear as if we exist. We do exist, and we are growing in number each and every day all around the world.

Choose not to only look at your environment. Choose to expand your environment and include those brothers and sisters in Christ as part of your world and as part of the truth that is growing and making more disciples.

It is not that I have the one and only answer. It is that I have chosen to make this my default answer for chaos in the world. Although life can be hurtful in many ways, I have chosen to remind myself of these three things, because we know we can get ourselves off balance and off track.

1. The standard is the Holy Bible.

2. Always do the right thing.

3. Present Jesus Christ.

Problem solving is something that must be taught. If it is not taught, all you get is chaos. And the Lord is not the author of confusion, chaos or evil.

This I do know cause I have lived in my faith long enough to testify of God’s love, grace and mercy. He will encourage you to overcome guilt feelings and to see things through spiritual eyes.

Seeing your circumstances through His eyes leads you to  the truth. It also will cause you to walk in such a way that others take notice. Making disciples is what we do.

Be encouraged.

Leatrice Pace of Rantoul writes a monthly column of encouragement. She may be reached at