In life you will have ebbs and flows, and during those times try to remember to learn something. Life has so many complex experiences, and they are filled with good and bad lessons.

In this life as the days are approaching the return of Christ, times are definitely becoming worrisome. And in this time of concern, preplan how you will be choosing to live this life out. Don’t just expect it to just evolve. Life does not just evolve. It has some purpose and actions that must occur.

Allow your choices to be determined by biblical insight and trusting the Lord is with you and will lead and guide you to the best decisions.

Not only do your choices in life dictate outcomes for you, the choices will affect others in ways that aid them in making their choices. So what we do will have an effect on others.

Include in your choices some wisdom from God, and His plan will lead to something that will encourage others to seek Him for guidance.

Relationship building is important. Just as you engage in human relationships, you should also be mindful of your spiritual relationship. We value our human relationships way more than we value our spiritual ones, and that is completely opposite of what we should be doing.

Knowing God and having an authentic relationship with Him gives you way more leverage than your human relationships. Something to think about when you think about where your trust comes from in human form or spiritual form.

Begin today by making choices that please God more than man. If you think about what leverage means, where do you place your faith?

The time is coming where your choice will be the deciding factor for what is next in your afterlife.

Be encouraged

Leatrice Pace of Rantoul writes a periodic column of encouragement. She may be reached at