Rantoul Press columnist

At the heart of the matter is love

Collecting all the memories, thoughts and plans that a person can make in one life time, it is truly amazing that one person can have so many thoughts.

Even though life is not over yet for most of us, the thoughts keep coming and filling up the spaces in your brain, heart and environment.

At the heart of the matter, a question to ponder is, is there one type of human being that is more important than another?

It seems a lot of us in society have to face this question more often than most. Is this to make us continually aware that creation is multi-diverse, or is it to make us realize we are more alike than we are different?

Making yourself aware of how you treat and respond to others is a task that more of us should reflect on daily. Life has enough ups and downs without separating human beings all the time.

For me I get tired of classifying other human beings. That job is fulltime and redundant when you stop to think we all breathe air and have abilities and can work together to accomplish the most amazing task.

It takes great concentration and effort on an individual’s part to become unified instead of separate. How hard do you work at keeping mankind unified? Or is your heart not intentional at all?

If life has been hard for you, maybe it is because you have chosen not to be unified to people who are different than yourself, and that makes life a struggle.

Tired of struggling, let others in your circle who can add diversity of heart and mind. Life can become more balanced, and God can add more favor to your circumstances.

If you have not love for one another you are none of His (God).

Be encouraged.

Leatrice Pace of Rantoul writes a monthly column of encouragement. She may be reached at