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An effective starting point for reforming the criminal justice system would be allowing law enforcement officers to step down from the “hero” pedestal Americans placed them on after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

In a recent column, I averred that the George Floyd death and protests-in-reaction represented a classic case of the powerful “us-versus-them” syndrome that is baked into the human brain. Racism is a subset of this syndrome.

RURAL DEWEY — At Society for Hooved Animals Rescue and Emergency, our aim is to give the rescued horses peace, care, love and the freedom to be a horse.

This essay is not about who should be elected president in November, but about something arguably as important: How to avoid a sloppy election count, which could throw the nation into chaos.

George Floyd is beyond anyone’s capacity to hurt him now, but some people have made it their cause to insult him even in death. Among the misinformation now circulating over American fences and on social media is the grotesque lie that Floyd did not actually die last month, or that his death…

Many cultures encourage learning through traveling and reading. Sometimes people find it is more effective and fun to learn through travel than through the written word. For example there is a traditional Chinese saying, “It is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books.”

There are 4,000 degree-granting colleges and universities in our nation: community colleges, private liberal arts colleges, regional and urban public universities, and graduate research centers. I have taught within each type; each has its strengths and makes distinctive contributions to society.

WOW was I wrong. Not totally wrong but wrong nonetheless. What can I say? COVID-19 is still a major part of our lives like it or not. But I’m an optimist, a person who believes in people.  

WASHINGTON — In speeches during the 1960 presidential campaign, John Kennedy addressed Americans’ anxiety about national lassitude at the end of eight years under Dwight Eisenhower by mildly saying: “I believe we can do better.” Joe Biden, responding to national embarrassment about the least…

Have you found yourself praying more since the coronavirus moved into our lives? Well, I have.

It’s been nearly two months since I’ve been to the cigar shop due to the pandemic quarantine. I have plenty of cigars but a big part of the enjoyment of cigars is being in the shop bantering with the others.

The coronavirus crisis has exposed critical fault lines in our nation’s bedrock, which must be addressed. I identify three below, but there are others, such as fiscal sufficiency for Social Security and Medicare, both programs taking a hit from the virus and our spending to combat it.

After weeks of sheltering in place, I’ve started to run out of interesting ways to waste time while sheltering in place. So I Googled “things to do while sheltering in place.”

SPRINGFIELD — My wife cocked her head to the right, eyed the porcelain appliance with a bit of suspicion and asked, “What exactly is that?”

Empty meat cases and grocery store shelves are the first hint most people get that the coronavirus is impacting farmers. Those who guess the laws of supply and demand are in farmers’ favor would be wrong.

I am paying close attention to the time that we are living in and comparing it to what the Bible says will happen. It is all taking place just as He said it would.

I was introduced to John Prine’s music in 1990. The self-titled album was nearly 20 years old, but it was new to me.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the whole country is under the Stay-at-home order. In obeying the order, I have kept myself at home for social-distancing. In such an unusual circumstance there are two things I found most suitable to do: reviewing life and reading books.

In any other downturn, they could print out a stack of resumes, pound the pavement and press flesh. Not today. Entire sectors of the economy are comatose and “non-essential” workers stay at home. Illinois’ unemployment website is crashing under duress.

We are being reminded daily about the state of the world we live in and the pandemic effects of a virus that has literally put a stop to most daily business.