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We all are born with the desire to belong somewhere and to someone. It is not a place or person that you have chosen that counts. It is the love and will of the Father that has created you.

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You might have been asked recently to sign a petition to put a candidate on the ballot in 2020. It’s that season, and, though a truism, if good people don’t run for office, democracy doesn’t work. You ought to try running. Here’s how.

Due to my cultural heritage and for a very obvious reason I have been always interested in ceramic art and potteries since I came to Illinois. 

Some things never change. I was reading a 100-year-old paper from our archives and the editor was grousing about how everyone wants their events and businesses mentioned in the newspaper but apparently don’t think the editor needs to eat.

Let the sunshine in. The Rantoul City Schools (RCS) has the opportunity to shed light on its future school board meetings. 

Most mornings are spent on thinking about the day ahead and figuring out how it should be. Will it be easy, slow or hard? 

Sir Edward Baldwin Malet was one of Queen Victoria’s most trusted diplomats, representing Great Britain in China, Greece, the Ottoman Empire, Belgium, Germany and Egypt. In his book, “Shifting Scenes,” he tells some of the experiences he had during his career, one of which involved a private…

I switched over to a cigar brand called Mark Twain hoping they would help provide inspiration. A box and a half later, all I’m inspired to do is to buy a better brand of cigars.

There are a lot of other things I’d rather be writing about, but as Sept. 11 approaches, I cannot ignore the memory, now 18 years old, of that infamous day — my generation’s Pearl Harbor. 

As many of my Art = Life column readers may know I have a special interest in University of Illinois art history and in collecting art created by UI faculty and students. About two years ago I was happy to be able to collect one of the prints titled “Frenzied Dancer” by Dr. Kathleen Harleman…

In the course of the workday, my co-workers and I scan documents to ourselves frequently. These documents are scanned through a copier machine then sent as an email attachment to the person who scanned it. 

I may be the cheapest guy you ever knew. I prefer the word “economical,” but it’s not up to me to determine words assigned by others. As a wordsmith, though, I don’t think “cheap” is the most accurate.

I have a family member who I only hear from when she needs money. This puts me in a very awkward position. I have worked very hard for what I have, and she doesn’t work at all. I try not to be judgmental of her life choices, but it is hard not to when she calls for a hand out. I also end up …

Finally got the computer fixed and hopefully will have a column once again. I must say I really miss not writing and having to be still and keep myself quiet.

I’ve given all I have so that you might be spared the pain of disappointment. But in all that I have given you still have chosen disappointment and not the parts of love that I have shown.

 RURAL DEWEY — I was going to start this article with general information on happenings at our horse rescue. Right now the most important issue is the desperate need for regular committed volunteers. 

This week’s note is a lightly revised submission from five years ago. If you feel gipped by getting an old column this week, we do have a money-back guarantee. 

Every summer around this time I write one of my Art=Life columns about an art trip outside of the Rantoul area. Primarily I have written about my visits to a national-level or world-renowned art museum such as the National Art Gallery in D.C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. 

According to the National Newspaper Association, there are more than 1,400 daily newspapers in the U.S. and more than 7,000 weekly newspapers. 

Doug Rokke wants you to believe installing solar energy at a home or business is almost certainly a waste of money. He’s wrong, and my goal here is to tell you why.

SPRINGFIELD – A few years back, I was driving through downtown St. Louis with my family when we saw a group of young people waving signs that read, “Forgive my student loans.”

The following was written in response to a recent item in the Press regarding the village of Rantoul’s solar policy.

My wife showed me a thing online the other day offering special classes for men. Like “How to put the toilet lid down” and “Yes, you can wash dishes.”

FORT FRANCIS, Ontario — How is it that a society with the engineering know how to put a man on the moon 50 years ago can’t make a decent gasoline can today?

 A good friend of mine is pregnant, and I really want to help her when she has the baby, but I am not sure how to do this. This is her first child, and I have no children of my own. I am really at a loss as to what would help her and what would not.