Unsightly collection bins to be removed

Collection bins along U.S. 136 east in Rantoul, with their overflowing donations left on the ground, drew several complaints from residents. They will be taken away.

RANTOUL — Concerns about the appearance of items left next to bins to collect clothes on Rantoul’s east side will soon be alleviated.

Resident Wendell Golston has complained in the past about the appearance of the USAGAIN  bins, which are located just south of the Rantoul Township High School grounds along U.S. 136.

“We’ve got to do something about this,” Golston told the village board last week.

He recommended a building be set up where these surplus items can be taken, and he said people sentenced to community service could be directed to help with the work.

“That looks bad,” Golston said. “We can’t be utilizing our village employees and vehicles to pick up stuff that shouldn’t even be on the main highway anyway.”

Village Administrator Scott Eisenhauer said based on recent complaints about the condition around the bins, the village began looking into potential remedies.  He said the bins were found to be in violation of city code, and the company has been notified that all of the bins need to be removed.

“Our ordinance is very specific about where they are to be located,” Eisenhauer said.”

He said the alternative would be to find local organizations that are serving the same needs of the community that can provide these services.

Eisenhauer credited code enforcement officer Charlie Smith for his work to alleviate the problem.

In other statements during the public comment portion of last week’s village board meeting:

Paula Hopkins, owner by A House of Flowers by Paula, said there are bricks that are falling off the C&C Kitchen storage building daily, and she is afraid someone will get hurt.

She said barricades had been removed from the site. Hopkins asked that they be returned.

Loise Haines said a downtown beautification committee consisting of Wines, Paula and Kristian Hopkins and some other individuals had a couple of projects planned.

One was a talent show Sunday at the high school.

She also said high school students would be doing paintings that will be placed in the windows of some downtown businesses.

Haines said the group would be placing American flags downtown on Sangamon Avenue “as far as we can go.” She said they welcome other volunteers and said the village of Rantoul is cooperating with the project.

A fund has been established at Credit Union Plus.