THOMASBORO — Thomasboro’s weather emergency response will soon be boosted by equipment upgrades.

At last week’s meeting, the village board approved up to $1,000 for the purchase of a television, computer and antenna.

The existing computer “is so slow that you have to start it up a day ahead to have it ready (in time for) the storm,” ESDA director Laurel Zook said.

Zook, trustees Ronda Scott and John Curry met with Thomasboro Fire Chief Paul Cundiff and Champaign County Emergency Management Agency Coordinator John Dwyer to evaluate existing equipment. It was determined to be inadequate and will be recycled.

“I really did appreciate that meeting,” Scott said. “I learned a lot that day.”

Scott reported Dwyer is looking into the possibility of operating the village’s three emergency sirens remotely, but that doesn’t appear to be likely in the near future. At present, the sirens are operated manually from a switch in the office.

“If something is happening, you’re booking it over there to hit the switch?”

Trustee Robert Pinske asked. “We like you (for going out of your way to do that).”

The board also approved repair of the public works shop doors by Door Specialty Co. of Champaign. The repair is estimated at $2,500.

The last action taken by the board was approval of the first draft of the annual audit. No deficiencies were reported that require correction.

“I feel like everything is in order,” Treasurer Leon Albers said.

In a written report, Police Chief Mike Martinez said his department has followed up on about 75 percent of the village ordinance violations recorded by the housing authority committee. Such violations are brought up by residents at nearly every board meeting. This meeting was no exception.

Of particular concern was a home located near businesses on Commercial Street. The home is falling into disrepair, and residents are burning trash.

“It’s just really, really bad for business,” a business owner said.

Early on the day of the meeting, a mattress was set on fire near one of the businesses.

“The fire department came out. (The person who set it on fire) will be getting a citation for the mattress,” Trustee Tony Grilo said.

Public works employee Gary Rosenbeck said a resident is feeding raccoons outside a dilapidated home. Pinske raised a question about dead trees along another property.

Mayor Tyler Evans emphasized the need to call about incidents when they happen so the appropriate response can be made.

Martinez’ report also noted the department had issued six citations and four written warnings for moving violations. Calls for service in August totaled 59, of which 19 were handled by the Champaign County Sheriff’s Office. Six formal reports were made.

The board met in closed session at the end of the meeting and also in a special meeting held just  before the regular meeting to discuss employee matters.