THOMASBORO — Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Thomasboro’s spring cleanup day has been postponed to Oct. 10 when the fall cleanup day would be scheduled. Ordinarily, the village holds a cleanup day in the spring and the fall.

The question that arose at the June 1 village board meeting was how many dumpsters would be needed.

“We can request as many as we want,” Trustee Tony Grilo said. “It’s always a guessing game. If we think we want three, that’s no problem.”

Grilo said the village used to have three on hand, but even the second hasn’t been filled to capacity at recent cleanup days.

In action at the meeting, the board unanimously approved a letter of intent for the sale of lots at 501 W. Frederick and 702 W. Morris, contingent upon terms and conditions drafted and approved by the village attorney. The matter was discussed in closed session. Also participating in the closed session was Realtor Nate Evans of Nate Evans Group, Mahomet. No further details were available.

Formal contracts for sale will be approved at a future meeting once negotiations are complete to finalize the sales of those properties, Village Clerk Jasmyne Boyce said.

Also approved was the annual appropriation ordinance. Approval of a franchise agreement with Ameren was tabled until Mayor Tyler Evans gets more information from Ameren.

The board also met in a second closed session to discuss raises for Office Manager Deanne Wattjes and Treasurer Leon Albers. A 3-percent raise retroactive to February was approved unanimously for Wattjes. Her employment review and raise had been delayed due to the pandemic.

Before a motion to approve a raise for Albers could be completed, he interrupted to decline it.

“I have denied a couple of proposed increases for me in the past,” Albers said. I am not there specifically for the money. I’m there because I like to be there. I enjoy my job. So you can make a motion, but I won’t take it.”

The police department has moved its quarters from village hall to 606 W. Central.

Chief of Police Eric Shumate said he has sent notices about nuisance violations.

“Everybody has started to make improvements or sent me plans,” Shumate said.

Wattjes noted that while village hall is not yet open to drop-in traffic, she is available by telephone from 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday.

The meeting was conducted over Zoom.