RANTOUL — A discussion that was rather heated took place during last Thursday night’s Rantoul City Schools board meeting.

Board members Andy Graham and Kevin McCallister brought up concerns about faculty leaving the school district, more specifically ones that have lived in Rantoul their entire life. Board Vice President Saundra Uhlott took exception to some of the questions that were directed towards Superintendent Michelle Ramage.  

After a few moments of heated discussion, the board was able to move on and move forward with was otherwise a rather quiet meeting.

Resident Jack Anderson spoke during the public forum portion of the meeting, stating his concern about the board packet not being available to the public. Anderson said he feels the public is intimidated due to their lack of knowledge of what the board is going to discuss at the meetings.

Anderson went on to say, “If you don’t say what is in the board packet we don’t know it exists.”

The board also introduced Annie Smith as new assistant principal at Northview Elementary

The board approved a memorandum of understanding for hard-to-fill positions salary increase and hard-to-fill position stipend.

The board also approved a contract with American Lutheran Church Food Service.

The next scheduled meeting will take place Thursday, Aug. 15, in the Robert D. Little board room.