Consider living in Sidney or Pesotum.

For the second year in a row, homeowners in these two towns will likely face the lowest overall property tax rates in Champaign County.

Those rates are tentatively set at $6.5578 per $100 of assessed value in Sidney and $6.6090 per $100 in Pesotum for 2018 taxes payable this summer.

The Champaign County Clerk’s office released tentative 2018 property tax rates for cities and villages Wednesday. Each of these rates reflect the total for all the property tax-supported units of government — such as school districts, park districts, townships, etc. — serving property owners in various communities.

Local government officials get a chance to look at the rates before they’re finalized next week, but for the most part the tentative rates aren’t expected to change, said Andy Rhodes, county IT director and a former county clerk’s office staff member who has been assisting that office with this year’s tax work.

The tentative 2018 rates for Rantoul residents continued to be highest in Champaign County, though they dropped this year from the $12 range to the $11 range per $100 of assessed value.

Champaign property owners in the Unit 4 school district will be paying 2018 rates in the $9 per $100 range, about the same as last year.

The rate for the majority of Champaign taxpayers is tentatively set at $9.0457 per $100. Based on that rate, taxes on a $150,000 home (assessed at one-third its market value) will be $4,522 this year, about $4 more than last year, excluding any exemptions on the property that would lower the bill.

Tentative rates for Urbana residents will drop a bit from last year, though they’ll remain in the $10 per $100 range.

The Urbana rate that includes Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District taxes is tentatively set at $10.5644 per $100 — resulting in a total bill of $5,282 for a $150,000 house, excluding any exemptions.

Urbana residents who don’t pay MTD taxes would pay a bit lower rate, $10.2331 per $100.

Elsewhere in Champaign County, rates for Allerton, Bondville, Broadlands, Fisher, Mahomet, Philo, Royal, Sadorus, St. Joseph and Tolono are all tentatively set in the $7 range per $100.

In Foosland, Gifford, Homer, Ivesdale, Longview and Ogden, rates are in the $8 range per $100, and joining Champaign in the $9 range are Ludlow and Thomasboro.

Savoy residents will tentatively be paying rates in the $7 or $8 range, depending on which township they’re in and whether or not the MTD is included on their bills.

County officials have set a tentative date of May 20 for tax bills to hit the mail, with the first installment payment tentatively due June 20.