RANTOUL — Rantoul Rotary Club last week made a donation if $6,450 to the Esther’s Well project spearheaded by former Rantoul Township High School ag teacher Carl Burkybile.

The Esther’s Well project seeks to teach residents of Kenya how to access water through digging wells and other means. Rantoul Rotary Club President Wednesday Medlen said when representatives from the club went to the Champaign club to present the check, Esther — for whom the project is named — was in attendance.

For the program at the Rantoul Rotary Club meeting, Justin Brown of Rantoul spoke about how he and other members of his fraternity at Western Illinois University and around the country biked from California to Washington, D.C.

The trip was to support and bring awareness about people with disabilities.

The group of bicyclers stopped each day at camps designed for people with disabilities and helps to raise money for grants to camps for the disabled.