RANTOUL — Rantoul Mayor Chuck Smith released a statement  Monday afternoon regarding COVID-19. 

Smith said changes will be made to the public’s access to the village offices.

“Beginning today March 16, all village offices will be closed to public walk-in traffic. Staff will be reporting to work and be able to assist the public with questions and request for assistance,” Smith said. 

The village will continue to make changes when needed to ensure safety to the public.

“One of the primary functions as mayor is to assure our community that all precautionary measures are being implemented during the COVID-19 virus,” Smith said.

Smith said this virus makes it difficult to achieve the village’s goals.

“As this virus spread, the guidelines are for people to stay physically separated,” Smith said. “This is particularly difficult when our mission is to serve the residents of Rantoul and protect  visitors of our community.”

Further measures such as closing Forum Fitness Center and the Youth Center have also taken place. Both facilities will be closed until further notice. Rantoul Public Library has also been closed through March 30. 

Smith spoke about what the village will due to help get the public the money back they deserve.

“For those with memberships, we will determine at a later date how these closures have impacted the cost of your membership and what appropriate reimbursements will be offered,” Smith said.

Smith ended his statement by telling the public the village will continue to offer as much help as it can.

“It is important that you know all village services will continue. public safety, public works and all staff will continue to provide residents with provide social services as expected,” he said.

Village staff remains available to the public and may be contacted at 217-892-6800 for any questions or concerns.