URBANA - A Rantoul man who admitted he wrote bad checks at a store in Rantoul has been sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Shannon Sabol, 40, whose last known address was on Eastview Drive, pleaded guilty in July before Judge Roger Webber to deceptive practices, admitting that on Sept. 25, 2019, he wrote two checks at one of the Casey’s stores in Rantoul on a bank account that had been closed.

Sabol was on parole at the time for a domestic battery case. Because of prior convictions, he faced an extended prison term of up to six years.

To aggravate Sabol’s sentence, Assistant State’s Attorney Joel Fletcher had Champaign County Street Crimes Task Force officer Lance Carpenter testify Tuesday about finding 15 grams of a white powder in Sabol’s Rantoul home during a parole compliance check on Jan. 13.

Carpenter testified that the substance field-tested positive as cocaine but the state crime lab determined later it was not a controlled substance. Carpenter said officers also found several discarded plastic bag corners, the kind used to package cocaine, in the garage frequently used by Sabol. He told officers the substance was baking soda, Carpenter said.

Drug charges that had been filed were dismissed.

Fletcher also presented evidence that on Nov. 7, 2019, Sabol got into an argument at a Savoy business with a man he worked for concerning money that Sabol believed the man owed him. Champaign County sheriff’s deputy Doug Bialeschki testified that Sabol slashed two of the man’s van tires and hit the man, 63, with a trailer hitch.

Fletcher argued for a prison term in the range of four to five years, saying Sabol has had several previous opportunities at treatment for his substance abuse, had five prior felony convictions and others for juvenile adjudications, driving offenses and misdemeanors.

Assistant Public Defender Lindsey Yanchus argued for a sentence of probation that would enable Sabol, who was raised in the DCFS foster care system, to get help for his addiction.

Sabol told the judge he had just turned 40 and was ready to change. Webber agreed to recommend him for substance abuse treatment in prison.

Webber also ordered Sabol to make restitution of about $1,345 for the bad checks and damage to the man’s van tires.