Not a sight Gifford residents want to see

This cloud looked like it was trying to morph into a funnel Monday over Gifford.

What looked like a funnel cloud trying to form was spotted over Gifford — site of the November 2013 tornado that splintered much of the community.

Gifford photographer Jessica Starkey, who has an avid interest in the weather, spotted this foreboding sight Monday in the community. The photo is facing north down Main Street from her studio.

“She was trying (to form into a funnel),” Starkey said. “(There were) rotations and uplifting. Never touched down.”

The storm blew over with no damage, “and then the rain caught up with it as it traveled southeast.”

Starkey has a direct line to NOAA, the “weather people” — the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

“If it were to have tried to touch down, I would have made the call to warn people” to take cover, Starkey said.