Dear students,

I miss you!  It’s hard to believe it’s been two months since we were last together. Your mom or dad has told me how hard you have been working.  Good job!

It’s time for summer break now — enjoy it. Play a lot and try to learn something new everyday.  You can do both!

I hope to see your smiling faces and hear your voices in August.  Until then, I will be thinking of you and keeping you in my heart.

Love always,

Ms. Katie Difanis

Special EducationTeacher

Rantoul City Schools

Dear Ms. Huntley’s Second Graders,

This year we talked a lot about the word persistence and those who have persisted.

You have persisted through these difficult times by working hard and not giving up! I am so proud of you and can’t wait to give you a hug in the fall when you’re a big third grader!


Ms. Huntley

Dear Class,

I’m so very sad to have to say goodbye to you this way. I would rather have finished our year together in our classroom. But this pandemic doesn’t change the fact that you’ve made it through fifth grade and you’re on your way to sixth grade.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of each of you. You’ve grown and matured so much this year. I know that each of you will do well in sixth grade because you are the best.

Every day try to be better than you were the day before. Remember to always be a person of kindness and integrity. Have a great summer and have fun in sixth grade.


Mrs. McMahon

Dear Mrs. Corda’s Class of 2027,

Did you ever think fifth grade would be such an adventure? We sure did embark on a journey that couldn’t have been expected and I am so proud of you all. While our memories together in room 1 were cut short, I know I can look back on them and smile.

What is your favorite memory? Mine is how our SMARTboard wasn’t so ‘smart’. The struggles we persevered through with that thing, yet we could giggle about it & make our learning fun...amazing!

I am thankful for the time we spent together as a class, but even more so for the opportunities we had to learn together — your class taught me a lot.

I am excited to send you off to sixth grade with a socially distant air-fist bump, hug, and giant smile. Wishing you all the best, Class of 2027! You’re loved and missed dearly.

Your Fifth-Grade Teacher,

Mrs. Corda-Moody

A todos mis estudiantes de Eastlawn School, 5to Grado, Salón #3

Queridos estudiantes,

Éste año ha sido una experiencia inigualable donde cada uno de ustedes fueron enfrentados con muchos retos de diferentes características y salieron por encima con logros que no se hubiesen imaginado. ¡Me da gusto felicitarlos en cumplír quinto grado con exito!

Dando un vistazo atrás, en el principio del año aceptaron las dificultades de aprendizaje en español académico. Tomaron las riendas de sus intelectos, adaptaron a un currículo intenso de lecturas y escrituras, y forjaron los desafíos de lenguaje dual por primera vez.  

Durante la mayoría del año aprendieron a colaborar entre culturas muy diferentes que las suyas, trabajando en equipo con estudiantes de varios trasfondos latinos. Ese trabajo social y emocional fue un reto personal tanto como en grupos pequeños y la clase en total. Al final se notó que superaron dificultades de comunicación y por lo tanto llegaron a lograr más comprensión entre ustedes.

Al final, el último cuarto de estudio, les entregamos el desafío de aprendizaje remoto, lo cual lo utilizaron como oportunidad de independizar sus estudios en preparación para sus futuros. ¡Éstas disciplinas de autoevaluación les dará una perspectiva única al entrar en el siguiente 6to grado de la escuela media! ¡Ya están listos!

Estoy supremamente orgullosa de cada uno: Stephanie, Paola, Mezly, Verenice, Juan, Pascual, Diego, Alison, Jennifer, Christian, María, Moisés, Alex, Yanziel, Yvonne, Joannier, Yanielis, Danya, Brandon, Darinel, Sebastian, Jeyden and Amy.

¡Al clausurar sus carreras de estudios elementales, les felicito por cumplír el 5to grado en Eastlawn School! Que Dios les bendiga en sus estudios futuros. ¡Que disfruten el verano!


Ms. Clark

 To all my 8th Grade JW Eater Students:

First of all I would like to wish you all well and say how I personally miss seeing all of you as you enter our 8th grade Door 26 each day during this past school year.

Every day I enjoyed seeing your youth, enthusiasm, and watching you all grow daily as part of The Eater Bulldog Family. I especially loved running the pacer with you all in PE and helping many of you with your Math, Science and Social Studies Assignments.

We are all experiencing some very trying and monumental moments in our lives. It certainly has not been easy on you, your families, your teachers ,your community, state and country. It is just a moment in time and will change before you know it. Be empathetic, be kind, and keep your perseverance. It will not be easy at times but it shows where you came from….A JW Eater Bulldog.

Lastly I want to congratulate you all on successfully completing the 8th grade by your hard work and please stay healthy by eating well, washing your hands often and of course getting some physical fitness in outside by running or walking. Don’t forget your masks. As Governor Pritzker said today in his address “Wear your mask in public its….Patriotic”

Finally enjoy your high school years as they will fly by.

All the Best JW Eater Class of 2020 !

Carl W Larsen

8th Grade Teachers Aide

JW Eater Jr H.S.

 Dear Eater Junior High eighth-graders (aka. Bulldogs),

As you leave middle school behind, know that even though you typically would be planning and celebrating your accomplishments with friends and families, you have learned and experienced more than most who have come before you.

The trials of COVID-19 have made you stronger, smarter and better prepared to deal with whatever the future holds for you. I know you will do great things, and I can’t wait to celebrate all of your successes with you.

As you go forward into the future, know that you are already part of history!


Ms. Williams

Ms. Thompson

To my 8th graders:

I struggle to find the “right” words to express my many feelings.  

We had a year we’ll never forget, that’s for sure! As you prepare to move on to your next school chapter, I hope you’ll always remember some of the fun and laughter we shared in class, as well as the knowledge you gained (academic and otherwise).

Some thoughts to take with you:  Make the most of your high school experience. The next 4 years will fly by quickly.

Some of you will find love. Some of you will find the best friends in the world. Some of you will decide on your future career.

Get involved whenever possible, and try not to get caught up in the drama. Remember: dream big, set goals and work towards them. Don’t be afraid of hard work. You can do it!!!  

Always a Bulldog!!!

Wishing you all the best, always,

Mrs. McCarthy

Dear Broadmeadow Class of 2020:

I think if I had one hundred years, I would not have been able to predict that we would all be sitting in our homes, waiting out a global health crisis, during one of the biggest milestones of your lives so far.  It is something your family, your teachers, and the world was really not prepared for, and I am completely okay with telling you, it is scary sometimes.  

For the last two months, we have tried hard to determine how to parent, how to teach, how to communicate, and how to connect with you from a safe….social….distance.  To be honest, it goes against every way I know to connect with you as people.  

You have probably heard people talk about things being the “new normal”.  I know I say it to my own son, who is also in the fifth grade.  He’s getting ready to have a really quiet (probably lame) “graduation” with just me, his dad, and a couple of dogs. He wants to be able to ride his bike to his friends house, or play ball at the park.  The park has caution tape around it, and he knows he can’t ask friends to go out and do much of anything.

The “new normal” is to wear a mask every single place you go. The “new normal” is to wave at your teacher from a computer screen, and hangout with your friends on FaceTime instead of in person.  The “new normal” is worrying about people we love who work in grocery stores or pharmacies or factories or hospitals or restaurants.  The “new normal” is to wash your hands what seems like a million times a day, and basically bathe in hand sanitizer, hoping it’s going to kill every germ.  

The “new normal” is staying at least six feet away from anyone, not going to see older folks, not hugging people, or shaking hands.  It is an immediate stop to the things that bring us closer together, and the ways we gather together to share learning or celebrating or just getting through something really difficult.  The ironic thing is – THIS is ALL really hard!

While all of that sounds sort of depressing, I want to tell you this much; the “new normal” will not be the “always normal.” Things will go back to what we remember, and we will see each other again.  

You will go back to school, and you will hug your friends again.  You will celebrate amazing things, and you will be able to be with the people you love when things happen that are tough to handle. It might seem like it’s been forever since it’s happened, or like we have forever until it will happen again, but not one thing is permanent.  Change is about the only thing you can absolutely depend on, so please know that this uncomfortableness will go like it came.  

Until that day, though, I want you to know that you are always, always with your teachers, and all the people that shared your life and learning at Broadmeadow.  Whether Mr. Justice told you “Happy Easter” regardless of the month or the holiday, and it made you smile – or Mr. Magers and Ms. Stevens sang you your birthday song – you mattered here, and you will continue to matter.  That will always be normal.  You can walk back in the doors of this school any day, if you want.  If there were people here who saw you, or cared for you, just believe me when I tell you that they will be happy to see your face in one week, one month, or one year.  We would all love to see you right now, and that is a truth that I can personally attest to.  

Good luck, Bobcats! I wish I could have told each one of you goodbye and good luck. I wish I could tell your families how each one of you has made me a better person just by knowing YOU, and thank them for the honor it has been to be a little part of your life.  

I know I will see you around at Eater, and maybe if you have a minute someday — come back around to Room 5 at Broadmeadow.  You know the door is always open.  I’ve got Uno, and I’ve got fruit roll ups.  I’ve also got time for any of you, and that won’t change regardless of what “normal” looks like.

Ms. D   (Rianne Delgadillo, Behavior Interventionist, Broadmeadow Elementary)

Dear room 25 at Northview,

I know that these last few months haven’t been easy. There were so many things we were looking forward to accomplishing during the fourth quarter. Unfortunately we didn’t get to finish the rest of our journey together. But I’m asking you to remember the great times we had together throughout the year.

I really enjoyed celebrating our good behavior this year with a pizza party. We made clouds in science using warm water and ice. You even stood in front of the entire class to teach about a famous african american from America’s history.

In writing we learned how to back up our opinions with evidence and took a stance for or against school uniforms at Rantoul City Schools. In math we worked with fractions throughout the school year and enjoyed many Kahoots showing what we had learned. I’m proud of the job that you have all done this year, but I can’t help but wonder if I did enough?

Did I prepare for the road that lies ahead? I hope you know that I have and always will care for you. Today it’s hard to say goodbye! It will be an adjustment from seeing your face each day to only when our paths cross again. I hope our classroom was one that you genuinely wanted to be a part of because you felt safe, you had friends, and you learned many things.

I’ll always believe in you because I have watched you grow so much this year. Thank you for helping me grow as an educator this year. This class of 2019-2020 will always live in my heart. Please come back and see me in room 25 anytime that you would like!

Wishing you well,

Mrs. Parrott