LUDLOW — Should billing for garbage be added to the village water billing? How long should the village allow camping trailers to sit on personal property, and should permits be required? Those are two of the issues to be decided as the village of Ludlow goes through its codification updates.

The village board has met several times in recent months to discuss the changes and discussed the proposals at the August meeting of the board.

No decision has been made on the garbage billing of camper trailer issues. Both are still being discussed.

Village attorney Marc Miller and Frank Heilingstein from Illinois Codification Services will be asked to attend the September village board meeting to discuss the changes. The board will hold a study session prior to the meeting and should finish up the remaining sections of the codification book beforehand.

The board also discussed whether trustees’ pay levels should be increased. They must be set within 180 days before the election cycle.

The amount and frequency of payment must be determined and what happens with pay if a trustee misses a meeting. No decision was made.

Still waiting on the railroad

Mayor Steve Thomas said the water main project remains on hold as the village continues to wait on Canadian National Railroad to approve boring under the railroad tracks.

The village continues to pay monthly interest on the bank loan for the project. Trustee Marsha Spear asked if the delay will cause a problem with the grant process for the project. Thomas said the delay won’t affect the grant.

“The only possible impact would be interest on our loan from the USDA at the time of closing,” Thomas said.

The USDA and Fehr Graham Engineering are staying in contact with the railroad.

Trustee Brian Bina reported several streets had been oiled and chipped with the assistance of the township. Streets on the west side of town included Ludlow Street and Hickory Street to Walnut Street. East side streets include Pera Street to Orange Street, small sections of Thomas Street to Ludlow Coop and the post office plus the entrance to the community center parking lot. Bina said he would like to see some cutout sections be done using additional motor fuel tax funds.

Village employee Rick Chenoweth reported he had done his own survey of street lights in town and found more needed attention than had been listed by Ameren.

He said some need to be replaced because they are not working.

Ameren called for the street light audit after the village asked for additional lighting to be added. The company will replace the defective lights with more efficient ones.

Chenoweth said he received an estimate of $2,485 from Garage One to replace the water shed’s overhead door and said he is waiting for a second estimate.

Thomas asked Chenoweth to check into the cost to also add a remote and power door opener as well as to add a footer to where the door hits the ground, and sensors that would stop the door from dropping on equipment.

In the police report, officer Denita Cadman said a resident who had dumped trash and debris at the brush burn pile had cleaned it up. Police Chief Joe Navarro had notified the resident a fine would be issued if the debris was not taken away.

In other business, the board discussed a proposal that Village Clerk Dawn Good presented several months ago to upgrade to ClerkBooks, a Quickbooks-based accounting software designed for municipalities. The board will act on the proposal at the September meeting.