Doug Jordahl pic


RANTOUL — Doug Jordahl, a longtime member of the Rantoul Township High School board, has resigned.

Jordahl has been an RTHS board member for 22 years, beginning, he said, with his election in 1997.

Superintendent Scott Amerio, who was a teacher at that time, approached him about serving on the board. Jordahl’s oldest son, Ben, was a freshman. After discussing it with his wife Jane, Jordahl decided to give it a try.

“It was time to serve the community,” he said.

Jordahl said he had decided before last year’s election results were announced that he was ready to resign rather than finish out his term.

“Twenty-two years, 24 years, what does it matter?” he asked.

He had run for election some years because there were only three candidates for four seats. But that wasn’t the case last year.

“Maybe there are some younger people who would bring new ideas and new blood to the board. I decided it was my time to give other people an opportunity to serve,” he said.