FISHER — It started slowly, then increased. More and more vendors are exhibiting their wares at the Fisher farmers market — held every second Saturday in the parking lot at the community center.

Organized by Jordan and Jon Scott and Holden Heiser, this is the first time in years, maybe ever, the town has had a farmers market, Jordan Scott said.

The market is held from 8 a.m. to noon. The next one will be Saturday, Aug. 28.

Fisher farmers market

The Raup Pinnell Farms booth at the Fisher farmers market

“It’s been really good,” Jordan Scott said. “We had five or six vendors the first week. Every week we’ve had a few more. One week it dropped off because of the Fourth of July and the weather. This past week we added a food truck that’s available” around 10 a.m.

The Scotts, who live just outside of town, sell chicken eggs.

There’s a variety of products for sale — most of it local.

Items such as soaps, honeys and jams and of course produce are for sale.

One vendor sells duck eggs, which are a little smaller than chicken eggs. Some are spotted, depending on the duck.

“We have a good turnout of customers,” Scott said. “A lot of people come up on foot, or some people drive up. Some people come up on their golf carts. We of course are abiding by the Champaign County Health Department guidelines.”

Masks and plenty of hand sanitizer are available.

Scott said the market presented an opportunity in several ways.

“Due to what’s going on in the world right now ... we wanted to give them an outlet and support our local businesses in town.”

She said some high school and college students have masks as well as assorted bath and spa items, homemade soaps and candles.

One woman sells stationery and handmade cards.

And farmers are on hand to sell produce.

“We’re very excited to continue to see where this is going to head,” Scott said. “We’re thankful for all the people who have given us their support.”

Anyone interested in being a vendor may contact Scott through the Fisher Area Farmers Market page on Facebook or on the Fisher Community Facebook page.