FISHER — The reconstituted school Fisher school board voted to move ahead with a solar installation.

Superintendent Barb Thompson told the board a grant has been approved that will fund the project at no cost to the district.

The district will be part of the Future Green Energy Consortium’s Behind the Meter program. A contractor for the consortium will install a solar power plant — commercial or utility scale. The system will be financed and operated by a third party at no cost to the school district. The district can’t sell any extra power generated.

Thompson said the district was approved for two separate projects. The first will be rooftop installations on both school buildings. The second will be a ground installation on an acre of farmland just south and east of the grade school.

Thompson said late last year she is fairly sure the district will not have to seek a special-use permit from the village for the solar arrays because the project is “behind the grid.” That means the electricity generated will be strictly for the school district and not passed on to anyone else.

The district will save money because the installation will offset delivery, taxes and other fees in addition to the supply charge. The contract would be 20 years, and rates are guaranteed to be the same or lower over the life of the contract.

Thompson said she is still awaiting further details. She has been promised final numbers but hasn’t yet received them nor heard the start date for the project.


New member Brad Zwilling was seated on the board, and several others who were re-elected were sworn in as well.

Leonard Delaney will continue as president, Tiffany Rushing as vice-president and Janet Douglas as secretary.

Meeting times and dates were set for the next two years.

The board meets at 6:30 p.m. the third Monday of each month at the grade school library. Exceptions this next year are for September when the board will meet Sept. 19 and January and February when it will meet Jan. 21 and Feb. 18 respectively.