FISHER — The Fisher Village Board will vote in August to amend its liquor ordinance to allow for a pour-only license.

The proposed amendment would allow Brandon Chandler to open a laundromat but also install video gaming machines in a walled-off portion of a building he owns on the main business district block that used to be part of Ingold’s grocery.

On the other side, the laundromat, he would install two commercial washers and dryers and two regular washers and dryers. He is not sure what the hours would be. But an attendant/bartender would always be on site. Chandler has said he can’t make the operation work financially without the video-gambling machines.

In a straw poll the majority of trustees favor creating a new pour-only license classification but would like to include a stipulation in the license that Chandler must continue to operate the laundromat portion of the facility to maintain the liquor license.

The straw poll showed Deb Estes, Brock Deer, and Angie Seidelman favored creating the new license class with the stipulation.  Roger Ponton and Kevin Henderson recused themselves from the discussion and the straw poll.

Trustee Dan Spaulding is deployed to Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, scheduled to return in September.

Village Administrator Jeremy Reale was directed to work with village attorney Marc Miller to draft an ordinance for consideration next month.

Other business

Also at last week’s meeting, the board:

• Voted 5-0 to authorize the sale of the surplus 1998 Vermeer chipper to Brown Township Road District for $1,200.

• Approved the 2019 motor fuel tax appropriation of $55,000. It includes $23,990.60 for oil and chip maintenance, $3,169.25 for MFT-related engineering and a total of $24,450.00 for miscellaneous materials cold patch, sand, aggregate and concrete for sidewalk repairs, tree removal, culverts  and ice control salt. This also includes $1,500 earmarked for the replacement of various street signs.  

• Approved the first pay estimate to Cross Construction for the North Third Street resurfacing project in the amount of $316,278 from the capital improvement fund. This covers all work completed on the project through July 8. The project is substantially completed. Engineer Tom Overmyer will prepare a final punch list of items to be completed prior to final payment in August.

• Tabled the final pay estimate to Illiana Construction for the South First Street seal-coating project. Due to a higher volume of traffic and high temperatures, there has been a significant amount of oil bleeding through the steel slag surface. The board accepted an offer from Illiana to spread additional white rock on the road surface at no cost to the village. A follow-up meeting between Illiana, village officials and the engineer has been scheduled for July 23.

• Tabled a proposal for new lighting at Heritage Pond. Trustees would like to investigate additional options and styles before proceeding.