RANTOUL — Artist Madelyn Witruk has been commissioned to draw downtown Rantoul’s first mural. The “canvas” is the west side of the Lindsey Lane Bridal store at the corner of Sangamon Avenue and Garrard Street.

Witruk, owner-operator of Mad Wit Co., based in Champaign-Urbana, answered a few questions from the Rantoul Press

How long have you been doing this type of work?

I fell in love with drawing at a young age and in college I took many classes in fine art, illustration, and design. I took a painting course at Parkland and have been working with paints ever since. When it comes to large-scale murals, I have only been doing it for a few years now.

Will this be a one-person operation.

This will be a one person job, yes!

Do you primarily focus on downtown murals?

While I do love working in the downtowns of different cities, I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily my focus. I have also worked with local businesses that are technically outside of what would be considered downtown.

Please give a brief overview of the process required in creating a mural and some comments on your thoughts about the beautification of downtown areas.

While the painting of the mural is probably the most exciting part for the community as they can see the art in action, the ideation, design and proper setup of the work environment are all factors that come into play before the paint ever touches the wall.

I think that more downtowns or cities in general should embrace the idea of murals. They can create destination spots or tell a story. Something that I think is really beautiful about painting in downtowns specifically is the amount of community involvement that comes from it. When I was working on the

“Outside of Ordinary” mural for Visit Champaign, people would walk by and be involved in the process. People love seeing art, especially when it’s something that directly relates to them.

How many murals have you done in your career?

I would say I’m still a “young muralist.” I have painted two murals and have three that are in the works for this year.

How long do you project the Rantoul mural will take?

The Rantoul project is still in the design phase of the project, but once painting starts I am thinking that it will take around six weeks to complete.

Can you give me any kind of idea  what the local mural will include?

I can’t give away many secrets, but I will say that it will include a lot of the elements that make Rantoul a wonderful city and community!