RANTOUL — Life has been a little hectic of late for Tim Tadlock and co-workers at his business, TT Distribution Fasteners & Tool Sales.

Tadlocks by store Jan. 29

LTim and Joni Tadlock, owners of TT Distribution Fasteners & Tool Sales, downtown Rantoul, in front of their new shop location on East Sangamon Avenue.

While demolition of the business’ former home was ongoing around the corner on South Tanner Street last week, Tadlock and crew were in the process of getting the business back to normal in the building now leased from George Papametro in the 100 block of East Sangamon Avenue.

Tadlock said the business is “all moved in.” The process involves bringing inventory back up to former levels. The fire that destroyed TT’s former home also destroyed much of its stock.

TT stocking shelves

Employee Kenny Ratts puts the new inventory line of American-made grade 8 fasteners on the shelf. Tim Tadlock said TT will still have in stock the less-expensive non-American fasteners as well.

“We’re still getting pallets in daily of stock,” Tadlock said. “We started the month open, but silently. We didn’t want to get overwhelmed.”

The plan was to bring in inventory at a moderate pace so employees and volunteers wouldn’t be inundated.

“It’s been a blessing to have this place open up so quick,” he said. “Just the thought of being in business 20 days from the fire has been a blessing.”

The store is open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

About 15 percent of TT’s business is walk-in. The remainder is delivery.

“There was a feeling that the (walk-in traffic) was growing,” Tadlock said. “I’m looking forward with the new store-front location — even though I loved the old location, we would be lucky to have six cars pull up in a week’s time — (that it will grow).”

He said the Tanner Street site was a good place for his business to start and mature.

“I feel bad for Marion Valentine,” owner of the former location. “He treated us wonderful. I think we’ll look back on this five years from now” and see the move was a good thing.

There is more square footage, and he enjoys being in downtown.

“I’ve lived here all my life and supported downtown Rantoul. Always have.”