RANTOUL — A variety of used books and videocassettes are available in the Friends Corner at Rantoul Public Library — with a special offering in February.

There are also other items such as puzzles and vinyl records.

Library sale Jan. 29

Library assistant Shannon Brandon is shown in the Friends Corner at Rantoul Public Library. During February, the public will be able to take as many items as they can carry from the Friends Corner for a nominal charge. For sale will be books, videocassettes, puzzles and vinyl records.

During February, you can take as many items from the Friends Corner as you can carry for a nominal charge. They are available whenever the library is open.

More items will be added throughout the month to replace those taken. From 9-5 on Saturday, Feb. 29, the Friends of the Library will have a Leap Year special when people can take as many items as they like for free.

The public is welcome to bring bags or boxes to carry items out. The items inside the Friends of the Library closet will not be included in these special promotions.

“As well as being a time to expand one’s personal library, this is an excellent opportunity to get books to use for craft projects, library Director Holly Thompson said. “Do an internet search for “crafts made out of used books” to see photos and instructions for projects such as making a safe, ornaments, envelopes, lamps, scrapbooks, decorative art, and other neat things out of used books.”

The Friends of the Library is a volunteer organization that helps to support the library, which is located at 106 W. Flessner Ave.