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The Rantoul Press is a voluntary pay newspaper.
It is delivered by carrier in Rantoul, Gifford, Thomasboro and Fisher. Many readers from outside the area also subscribe to the weekly publication. You can subscribe to the publication no matter where you live in the contintental United States as well as APO for servicemen and women anywhere in the world.

Where does the money go?
When you pay your Rantoul Press carrier, you help an independent business person earn money. In exchange, the carrier provides you with weekly delivery of local news and advertising. Your carrier is paid in many ways due to your voluntary payment of $38.00 per year. They earn their money by the number of papers they deliver each week.

Want to prepay?
For your convenience, the Rantoul Press also has a prepay program. Your carrier still will get a percentage of this pay. Readers may pay for one year at $38.00. You can pay by check or credit card by calling our circulation department at 892-9613 or mailing it in to the Rantoul Press, P.O. Box 5110, Rantoul, IL 61866.

Newsstand price is $1.50