Rantoul dominates Olympia at home

RANTOUL — The Rantoul Eagles boys basketball team dominated Friday’s game against the Olympia Spartans with a 67-39 win.

By the end of the first quarter, Rantoul had scored 21 points while limiting the Spartans offense to only 4 points. In the second quarter, Rantoul again scored another 21 points ending the half with the score of 42-16.

Four Rantoul players ended up scoring in double figures which included a game-high from Rantoul’s Hayden Cargo who scored 16 points which included four three-pointers.

One of the essential fact in the first half that led to Rantoul to their fast start was capitalizing on turnovers thanks to their press defense.

“Starting the game, we thought that we could force some turnovers, pressuring the ball on their guards so we extended our press and started double teaming the ball handler,” Rantoul coach Brett Frerichs said. “When we forced turnovers that enabled us to get out and run a little bit, get some quick shots on the offensive end. That was the turning point in the game when we double-teamed the ball, it gave us a lot of opportunities to get the turnover and score off of turnovers.”

Rantoul was able to keep their momentum on defense that led to Olympia either turning the ball over or missing shots.

“It all comes down to defense,” Frerichs said. “When we are playing defense, good, smart defense it produces a lot of offense for us, and that’s when we are at our best.”

Rantoul’s record is 10-12, with a 4-1 conference record, and has won eight out of its last 10 games.

“We’ve made a lot of progress, but we still have work to do to get to .500 and hopefully above .500,” Frerichs said.




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