Fogal: Our horses wish to SHARE their Christmas lists with you

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DEWEY — In my last article I wrote about Journey, our mini horse, rescued by The Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency in rural Dewey.

Journey came to SHARE with medical issues, some of which we didn’t know about because she roamed the countryside for so long and had such a hard life. We tried hard to cure Journey, but she was too old to handle her medical problems.

It’s always hard to lose one of our rescues. We will miss our Journey, her short time at SHARE was filled with TLC, warm shelter and lots of hay.

With Christmas just around the corner and Santa soon on his way, our horses at SHARE want to share something with you. They, too, believe in Santa and have individually expressed their wishes.

First of all they have assured Santa in their wish list that they have tried real hard to be good. Their letter to Santa was a herd effort.
Hey Santa,
There are 45 of us rescued by SHARE. We try to get along; sometimes we bicker amongst ourselves, but we have been good horses.

You know we love treats — carrots, apples, candy canes. Love that minty flavor.

We also like brushes and combs to keep us looking good. Those burrs in our manes give us a punky look.

Other things we like:
• Hoof picks. Ever try walking with a pebble in your shoe?

• Floating tank heaters. We get thirsty running around outside.

• Feed we need — senior for the older ones, 12 percent and pony too.

• Salt blocks; good for our health.

• First aid supplies — ointment, vet wraps. Sometimes we come in from our pasture with scratches. Or a rescue needs to be patched up.

• Fly masks and SWAT.

And more treats, of course.

Our humans also accept monetary donations, even gift cards.

We try not to sound too greedy; these are things to help us feel better.

You know, Santa, that our lives have been a struggle till we came to SHARE. We love our volunteers.

Oh, we almost forgot to include one more wish. Please bring us more volunteers. Just love these guys!

Thank you, Santa.

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” — Winston Churchill

Merry Christmas to all from the horses at SHARE. Wishing everyone the best of holiday cheer. May your dreams come true in the new year.

Heide Fogal, a Rantoul resident, is volunteer coordinator at SHARE.

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