Letters to the Editor

Get movie listings in a single place

When the new Beverly Theater complex opens, how nice it would be to find its movie schedules alongside its competitors in The News-Gazette.

We movie fans enjoy finding film capsules, “Chuck’s” ratings and all movie times in one place to facilitate our choices.

Government too big and it costs too much

The June 2 editorial page featured three excellent commentaries making the same point: our federal government is steadily ramping up its control of our daily lives and restricting our  entrepreneurial aspirations, while discouraging that most American of attributes — personal responsibility.

Davis acted correctly on Internet sales tax

The brick-and-mortar retailers of central Illinois are proud of the leadership demonstrated by U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis for his support of e-fairness legislation.

Carle gives away millions in care

I write in response to the letters regarding Carle Hospital and property taxes.

Has anyone taken into consideration that the reason Carle is excused by state law from paying property taxes is because of the massive amount of accounts receivable it is forced to write off every year?

Madigan should have called bill for vote

A recent News-Gazette editorial headlined “State must pass a pension bill” advocates passage of bill SB1. Is the editorial supporting a bill that violates the Illinois Constitution?

Carle price hike does not add up

The issue with the change to provider-based pricing is not splitting the bill between the doctor and the facility, but that the total is three or four times what the total used to be. If the charge before was $100 and that was conceptually 25 percent doctor and 75 percent facility, then the new charges should be $25 and $75, not $100 and $300.

Is really angered by Carle’s conduct

Over the years, I have found that, for me at least, anger is generally not a good motivation for effective community or political action. So I try not to act on anger or express anger on public issues, but rather to think about how to solve problems.

Legislature left the job unfinished

When Fitch Ratings downgraded Illinois’ credit rating, it was effectively downgrading Governor Quinn and the Democrats, as well.

Remember, Democrats control all branches of state government. Their failure to lead and deal with this clear and present crisis is as infuriating to me as it should be to every Illinois taxpayer.

Champaign reader offers his take on Leviticus 18:22

Regarding the issue of same-sex marriage, a gentleman recently wrote about Leviticus 18:22.

The original translation will have read as follows: “And with a male thou shalt not lie down in a woman’s bed; it is an abomination.”

Slow down and take a close look at water sale

The Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District is considering a proposal to sell 6.3 million gallons per day of sewer plant output to a proposed Cronus Chemical plant in Tuscola.

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