Close to midnight at the museum

RANTOUL — These are sad times around the Chanute Air Museum. One museum visitor said it was kind of like Chanute Air Force Base closing all over again. Another said he felt like he’d just been to a funeral.

Museum officials announced early this year that after 20 years of operation, the museum would be closing at the end of 2015. It turns out the end will come sooner than originally planned. The new closing date is Nov. 1, museum board President Nancy Kobel said.

It’s been an emotional time, she said, but it’s also been a hectic time, especially for museum staff that wants to get artifacts in the hands of new caretakers.

“The board had to look at this definitely from a business perspective,” Kobel said of the decision to close. “We’ve had a lot more time to digest it, come to terms with it, take care of the business end of it.

“It’s not something I wanted to be a part of, but at the same time it goes back to being financially responsible.”

Museum curator Mark Hanson said closing a museum is not something any museum professional wants to do.

“It’s been extremely unpleasant just from the standpoint I’ve been here 11 years to build the collection and improve record keeping,” Hanson said.

“Eleven years of collecting needs to be wrapped up in a year or so. Luckily, a lot of these collections are going to good homes, but they’ll never be a collection together. That legacy to Chanute Air Force Base and its connection to Rantoul and Champaign County, it’s over.

“It’s almost antithetical to what museums are supposed to do. It’s a sense of great loss both professionally and for Rantoul and Champaign County.”

Hanson said operating a museum costs a lot of money to do well, “and there’s not enough money to go around.”

Crews from museums across the country have been trekking to Rantoul to begin disassembling airplanes. Last week alone, the front portion of a B-52 bomber (a crew extraction trainer) was moved to Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville, Fla, while workers from the Southern Museum of Flight in Birmingham, Ala., begin taking apart a B-25 bomber. This week, disassembly began on the museum’s aircraft jewel — a restored P-51 Mustang fighter — that will go to Warner Robins Air Force Base in Georgia.

Earlier, an F104 was shipped out to Tyson McGhee International Guard Base near Knoxville, Tenn.

Hanson said disassembling the planes can be tricky at times.

“The trick is to get it apart since they’ve never been apart for 60-odd years,” Hanson said.

Kobel said one major reason for the earlier-than-anticipated closing is other museums are stepping forward to take artifacts.

“My fear is you wonder if anyone is going to come forward and say, ‘We’d like to have this,’ but we’ve had such good results,” Kobel said. “We’ve had people from California to Florida and every place within the U.S. reach out to and say, ‘We’re interested in this.’”

She said the process to find good homes for the Air Force and Navy planes began soon after the board made the decision to close.

The planes, though, are just a small part of the museum collection. The National Museum of the Air Force has taken many of the posters and photos and some of the documents that tell of Chanute’s history. A museum in Chicago has also requested many of the items that are related to Illinois aviation.

“It’s a long process (to find some of the smaller items new homes),” Hanson said. “In addition to working with the Air Force museum on our loan, I’m seeing if they’re interested in any of the collection. They have taken a significant amount of archive material, which is a very good thing.”

Hanson said he is also speaking with some area museums and archives “to make sure ... we can keep as much Chanute history in the area as possible. That’s kind of still in the process.”

He said it was a priority to make sure the Museum of the Air Force had the opportunity “to get what they’re interested in because it’s a flagship museum in the U.S. They’re going to be around for a very long time. They have professional staff who can preserve this collection.”

Hanson said documenting some of the items hasn’t been easy because “back in the day, paperwork wasn’t done.”

There haven’t been any surprises, he said, but “it’s been an insane amount of work to try to exit out of the museum business properly to make sure the collections are documented to make sure nothing is walking out of here without some paper trail.”

Some of the people who have donated materials to the museum, he said, have wanted their items back.

“Ethically and professionally, I cannot give it back,” Hanson said. “Some people who are adamant they want it back, they have to work through our board. They petition our board, and the board makes the decision about whether the museum wants to release it to a private individual.”

Frasca International in Urbana has taken back the flight simulators it had loaned to the museum, Kobel said.

Grissom Hall is home to the air museum, which it has shared with various other groups — one being Lincoln’s Challenge Academy, where it holds classes. Kobel said museum staff don’t feel as much pressure to get things cleared out by the end of the year as they previously did, because Lincoln’s Challenge Academy will continue to use the building until its new campus can be finished. Construction of the new campus has been halted due to the state budget impasse.

The village of Rantoul owns Grissom Hall. Village Administrator Jeff Fiegenschuh said village officials have not decided the fate of Grissom. He expects that discussion to begin “in the coming year.”

Said Kobel: “If we have items still left in the building after Jan. 1, we know they’re going to be safe and secure. The village has said all along, ‘We’re OK if you don’t have everything out of there at the end of December.’”

Because of the number of artifacts that are leaving, the museum admission price for adults will be dropped to $5 — half the normal price — starting Oct. 1.

“If things keep going as we are, we won’t have a whole lot” left, Kobel said.

Other planes that will be moving to new homes include:

— An F84A and  Huey helicopter will be headed to The Discovery Park of America in Union City, Tenn.

— A T-6 Texan will be adopted by the Air Force Museum in Dayton.

— An F84F will be headed to the Palm Springs (Calif.) Air Museum.

Hanson said there are some paperwork issues with Navy planes that must be sorted out, with interest in EC121 and A4 aircraft.

An XB47, one of the larger ones in existence, might be headed to the Flight Test Museum at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

“That’s significant because that’s a very important airplane, kind of ushering in the jet bomber age,” Hanson said. “This was the second B47 ever built and one of two XB47s ever built. The XBs were one of the test airplanes.”

The Minuteman missile located near the former base’s west gate might also be moving, but Hanson doesn’t know where.

“The Air Force Museum is going to do something with it,” Hanson said. “I have not heard what.”

Rob Bardua of the National Museum of the Air Force Public Affairs Division, said final disposition of the missile is still being determined.

“At this time, there is no time frame for when a decision will be made,” Bardua said.

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Infeksi bisa menyerang leher rahim, rahim, saluran telur, indung telur, uretra dan rektum; menyebabkan nyeri pinggul yang dalam atau nyeri ketika melakukan hubungan seksual. Nanah yang keluar bisa berasal dari leher rahim, uretra atau kelenjar di sekitar lubang vagina. Kelamin Bernanah penjelasan penyakit kelamin bernanah atau gonore dan bagaimana mengobatinya silahkan kunjungi halaman web

lami wrote on May 22, 2017 at 2:05 am

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