All but one precinct backed districting, Jones, Michaels candidacies

RANTOUL — Every Rantoul Township precinct but one voted “yes” in Tuesday’s election on the question of whether the village should be divided into districts for the purpose of electing village trustees.

Overall, the measure passed 1,723-1,450.

Meanwhile, all but one precinct backed Rantoul-area candidates for county office — Allen E. Jones and Diane Michaels, who ran unsuccessful bids for sheriff and auditor, respectively.

In the districting question, only Rantoul 1 (Gathering Place polling place) voted to switch to the districting method. There, the measure failed 275-233.

It passed everywhere else:

• Rantoul 2 (Eagle’s View Retirement Center) — 236-155

• Rantoul 3 (American Lutheran Church) — 184-167.

• Rantoul 5 (also The Gathering Place) — 380-240.

• Rantoul 6 (Rantoul Youth Center) — 235-124.

Residents in Rantoul 4 (Thomasboro fire station) were not eligible to vote on the question.

Jones, Michaels get strong local support
Jones and Michaels, meanwhile, appeared to have been victims of the “blue tide” that swept Democrats into every major county office.

The only local precinct that did not favor the two candidates was Rantoul 6, where Jones lost 221-193 and Michaels lost 214-199.

The other precincts were solidly behind the pair. The Jones and Michaels results there include:

• Rantoul 1 — 403-147 and 413-144.

• Rantoul 2 — 212-193 and 208-197.

• Rantoul 3 — 242-133 and 24-119.

• Rantoul 4 — 457-123 and 451-126.
• Rantoul 5 — 380-247 and 361-266.

Countywide, Democrat Dustin Heuerman defeated Republican Jones 41,894-34,428 for sheriff.

For auditor, Democrat George Danos defeated Republican Michaels 42,526-33,492.


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