Thomasboro park to be back in the shade

THOMASBORO — The trees removed from Thomasboro’s West Side Park last month will be replaced before winter.

Trustee Dustin Rhodes reported at the Oct. 1 village board meeting that volunteers spent nearly 20 hours over three days to cut down six dead trees and clean up the site. Total cost, for replacement of chain saw parts and repairs, came to about $800.

“It was a big undertaking,” he said.

Resident Jim Richardson expressed his thanks.

“That was a big, big savings,” he said.

Rhodes proposed Suits Landscaping, Gifford, grind the stumps and plant four 8-inch-diameter trees at the front of the park at a total cost of about $4,200. The board approved the action on a 5-0 vote. Trustee Trent Sage was absent.

A new picnic table and a bench, purchased by the Thomasboro Improvement Association, are likely to be installed before winter. Rhodes said he planned to order additional picnic tables and benches in the spring using funds from the village park budget.

The board also authorized transfer of $30,000 from the general fund to the sewer fund. A sewer rate increase was approved last month.

“The sewer fund is in a negative balance,” Treasurer Leon Albers said. “Periodically I will pay back the general fund. I don’t see any issues. It should be paid back before the end of the fiscal year.”

A third action taken by the board was authorization of purchase of a Boss snow plow attachment at a cost not to exceed $6,300. The vendor had not been selected.
Public Works Superintendent Tyler Martin provided an update about the village-wide boil order that had been in place Sept. 27-30.

“It was a precaution,” Martin said. “No bacteria was found in the water supply.”

What happened, he explained, was the chlorine level was too low. It appears to have been caused by water sitting too long in the standing tower. He is looking into options suggested by the Environmental Protection Agency to prevent it happening again, but for now is treating smaller batches of water at a time.

Some residents didn’t learn about the boil order until it had been lifted, resulting in questions from the public about additional or more effective avenues for notification.

Martin said notification protocol had been followed as required but agreed to look into options.

Interim Police Chief Mike Martinez reported 15 applications had been received for the part-time patrol officer vacancy, though only three applicants met job requirements.

He also said there had been several complaints about ATVs operated on the streets, which he pointed out is illegal. The village does not have an ordinance specifically addressing ATVs. Martinez raised the possibility of board discussion on the matter.

Mayor Tyler Evans said he had met with the Thomasboro school board and an engineer from Fehr Graham about a grant for installing sidewalks. Engineering fees are not covered by the grant, and in the past have been split between the school and the village. Evans said he thought he would have numbers at the next village board meeting.

During the public comment period, resident Beth Brandriff volunteered to take charge of coordinating and advertising the village-wide garage sales.



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