Hangar sales delayed by FAA

RANTOUL — The village of Rantoul has done its part. So has the Air Force.

The process of selling four properties on the former Chanute Air Force Base is being held up by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Los Angeles businessman John Van der Velde plans to buy from the village hangars 1, 2 and 3 and the building that houses the AT&T call center on the former base for $5.15 million.

Last month, the village received from the Air Force the final deeds for the properties. But the process is being slowed by the FAA.

“The release from the FAA has not gone as smoothly as hoped,” Public Works Director Greg Hazel told the village board last week. “There’s a 51-day posting on the National Register before it is actually released.”

He said the agency has had some retirements and reassignments that have slowed the process.

“It’s been difficult, at times, to herd those cats, but I think we’ve got them headed in the right direction,” Hazel said.

Van der Velde was concerned the contract would be “null and void” if the two sides didn’t make their sale deadline of this month, Hazel said. But both sides still want the sale to go through.

The board was asked to approve an extension on the contingency period for release until Feb. 28, which it was scheduled to vote on at this week’s monthly meeting.

Hazel, however, said he didn’t think it would take nearly that long to finalize the deal.

Trustee appointed
In other business, the board voted to affirm the appointment of Sherry Johnson to the board seat formerly held by Rich Medlen, who resigned.

Pay scale
The board agreed the salaries for trustees, the mayor and village clerk should remain the same, but agreed to a recommendation from Village Clerk Mike Graham to raise the pay of a master municipal clerk to $1,200 a year, effective May 1. The will affect the pay of Janet Gray, who serves as deputy clerk for the village.

Trustees make $4,800 a year, which was approved May 1, 2007.

The mayor is paid $25,000 a year, which includes $21,000 as mayor and $4,000 as liquor commissioner, which took effect May 1, 1997.

The village clerk’s annual salary is $7,500, which was enacted in 2009.




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