Police investigate illegal sale of jet plane ejector seats

RANTOUL — Ejection seats from an Air Force plane that is scheduled to be dismantled on the former Chanute Air Force Base were allegedly stolen.

Rantoul police Sgt. Rodney Sullivan said the ejection seats from an F-105 jet were allegedly taken out of the aircraft and sold to someone else.

Sullivan said investigators are still trying to determine who sold the seats, and said they were recovered shortly after the report was made.

Listed as victims in the case are the U.S. Air Force, DLA Disposition Services at Scott Air Force Base and a 57-year-old male, whose name is not listed.

Sullivan said the planes remain the property of the Air Force until they are dismantled and shipped to a salvage yard. Some planes at the former Chanute Air Museum have also been moved to several other museums across the country.



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