Porter: Candidate for civility general

Rantoul Press columnist

Like the surgeon general, who makes declarations of public health, I think we need a federal position for deciding what is and is not offensive — a civility general or an ombudsman of outrage.

And I think I should be that person.

McCaleb: Rauner had no idea how politics work; didn’t know the art of compromise

Writing the obituary on Gov. Bruce Rauner’s one term in office shouldn’t be difficult.

He promised a lot, accomplished little and was thoroughly rejected when he asked voters for a second chance.

During the past four years, our already-too-high taxes went up — considerably. And so did spending, despite his campaign promise to reduce both.

Reeder: Outoing governor spent over $50 million trying to return to a job he didn’t want?

SPRINGFIELD – Let me get this straight — Bruce Rauner spent more than $50 million of his own money to keep a job he really didn’t want?

Apparently, after reviewing his poll numbers that showed he was not quite as well liked as tooth decay, he got cold feet and didn’t want the job anymore.

He now says he offered four individuals campaign money to run in his place.

Berg: Holiday shopping and the sales tax Scrooge

The average American will spend around $800 on gifts this Christmas. But making those holiday buys in Illinois will leave many families wishing they could get more bang for their buck.

Pace: Don’t expect your life to just evolve

In life you will have ebbs and flows, and during those times try to remember to learn something. Life has so many complex experiences, and they are filled with good and bad lessons.

Reeder: Lawmakers need to find a way to operate state government within its means

SPRINGFIELD – Last month, I wrote a column on an idea being pitched by State Rep. Jeanne Ives that contends that state pensions may be illegal contracts because they violate the state constitution.

The Republican from Wheaton contends that during the past several decades lawmakers knowingly underfunded pensions, violating the balanced budget clause of the state constitution.

Fogal: Our horses wish to SHARE their Christmas lists with you

Rantoul Press columnist

DEWEY — In my last article I wrote about Journey, our mini horse, rescued by The Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency in rural Dewey.

Letters to the Editor: Salvation came through a person

To the editor:

There was a priest of advanced age, Zacharias, serving in the Jerusalem temple. His name, in Hebrew, means “Jehovah remembers.”

He had a wife named Elisabeth, and her name means “Jehovah’s oath.” Together, they declare that “Jehovah remembers His oath.”  

Reeder: Racism continues to live in hearts of people

SPRINGFIELD – When you are a young man, 20 years seems a long time.

But as we age it seems just the blink of an eye.

I was thinking about that last week when I watched “Green Book,” a movie about a gifted black pianist, Don Shirley, touring the segregated South in the early 1960s with his white driver.

Wang: Art is for everyone, and all can enjoy making it

I recently drove to The Vault, an artists collective gallery in Tuscola, for its seasonal holiday show and sale. I have been aware of The Vault since it was established several years ago.

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