Reeder: Please consider being an organ donor

SPRINGFIELD – Ever found yourself hoping someone will die so someone you love can live?

Fourteen years ago, I found myself in that unenviable position.

My brother Danny was dying. For years he had suffered from a rare liver disease -- primary sclerosing cholangitis. Finally his liver was giving out. Death was near.

Porter: A lesson from the grammar police


Rantoul Press columnist

One of Murphy’s Laws is that any story about mistakes will contain mistakes. I think most stories contain mistakes irregardless. This one just did.

[It’s “regardless;” “irregardless” is not a word.]

Fogal: Who needs the gym when you can volunteer at SHARE?


For Rantoul Press

The Society for Hooved Animal Rescue and Emergency (SHARE) facility is owned and operated by a woman, and our licensed investigators are all women.

Porter: Everyone is connected


Rantoul Press columnist

Letter to the Editor: Appreciative to have served on RCS Board

To the editor:

I greatly appreciate your confidence by electing me to the RCS school board three years ago.

I am proud of the time I have spent serving Rantoul, our students and staff. It is with a heavy heart that I have resigned from the board.

Wang: Photography brings Sam Logan closer to people

For the last decade or so, Sam Logan’s photography has often showed up in our local art events, such as the Best In Show – Champaign County Camera Club’s annual photo competition, exhibitions during the Boneyard Arts Festival and displays on the MTD buses, local businesses such as Crossroads Corner Consignment, Po-Boys, Heads Up Hair Studio, Aroma and Minneci’s, just to name a few.

Porter: Everyone is connected


Rantoul Press columnist

Poremba: Jesus is the Way needs donations

I am just starting to feel better. I had two horrible weeks with flu-cold symptoms. The medicine I was taking did the job.

I am glad I have a good doctor.

I want to thank the woman who called me today. She donated the queen size sheets I asked for. Someone needed them. So that is off of the list.

Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry is in need of donations.

Guest commentary: Aldermanic government provides connection to residents

When I first read about the idea to switch Rantoul village government from at-large representation to aldermanic representation, my response was neutral.

Thompson: Focus turns to the outdoors


Rantoul Press columnist

Rantoul Public Library has plenty to offer this spring.

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