Poremba: It’s not just the turkey that was stuffed

Let me know if you are over the shock of the food coma.

I noticed several people trying to shop after leaving the dinner table last Thursday (Thanksgiving).

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 29

New Rantoul history museum worth the visit

To the editor:

I recently had the opportunity to tour the new location of the Rantoul historical museum (located on Rt. 136 east across from the Dairy Queen).

If you like museums, are interested in history or just enjoy “old stuff,” this is the place for you.

Letter: Be careful letting people in your home

To the editor:
Don’t let anyone in your house to use your phone.

I let a young man in to use my phone. It is a house phone that sits close to the door.

I forgot I had left my car keys on the stand by the door. After the boy left, I was going to go to the store. The young man stole my car keys.

Letter: New sidewalks, streets are welcome

To the editor:

Thank you to the village of Rantoul for new streets and sidewalks in several locations all over town.

Sangamon and Malsberry Drive extension south out to Murray Road look great.

Broadmeadow will too, soon.

Plus lots of sidewalks on West Grove Street and more.

Keep up the good work. It’s seen and appreciated by many.

Letter: Property tax hindrance to Rantoul development

To the editor:
According to The Champaign News-Gazette, Illinois has the second-highest property tax levy in the U.S., trailing only Connecticut. The county of Champaign has one of the higher property tax levies in Illinois, and Rantoul, by far, has the highest property tax levy in Champaign County.

Why is this happening?

Always something for which to give thanks

SPRINGFIELD — As Thanksgiving approaches, like many folks, I find myself missing family members who have died and wondering what there is to be thankful for.

I remember munching crescent rolls with my brother, Danny, at the Thanksgiving dinner table and later arguing about politics. He died 11 years ago at age 48. But what I wouldn’t give to discuss this year’s election with him.

Explaining village pension proposal

By Jeff Fiegenschuh
Rantoul Press columnist

Police officers are compensated through their salaries and benefits, including a pension, which is financed through a combination of employee and employer contributions and investment income.  

Village pension issue: Another showdown?

Did I read the Rantoul Press correctly, or have I been sleeping and imagined the story about each of the Rantoul residents paying for the retirement of our police department?

It is the person in charge of hiring our police department to discuss with them their salary, insurance and retirement, so what is this going to be, another showdown?

Carpenter: It's the most wonderful time of the year

ESPN college basketball reporter Myron Medcalf gave me some much-needed advice a few years back.

I was a junior in college, still trying to find my way in the world of journalism, and after a couple years of experience I was attempting to figure out whether or not I wanted to continue down the career path of becoming a sports writer.

Visel: International Game Day Saturday

Rantoul Public Library soars to new heights of family fun during the International Game Day from noon-5 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 19.

International Game Day will be celebrated around the world, so you, your family and your friends will know you are joining millions of others who have set aside this day to enjoy the challenge of a host of games.

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