Poremba: Almost time to vote

 OK folks, it won’t be long now until we all go to vote, and the repulsive garbage that has been on television will stop and then we will get to watch more commercials.

Won’t that be fun?

Whatever you decide, please remember to vote your choice. Don’t let  anyone influence your decision.

I am so sick of hearing, “I don’t vote because my vote doesn’t matter.”

Letters to the Editor: Park District Dissolution

Voting “Yes” on Dissolution

Mr. Jean, who went too far?

The mismanaged Rantoul Park Board went too far when they tried to force the closure of Willow Pond and turn my neighborhood back to farmland.

Guest commentary: Vote "Yes" on Park District dissolution


For Rantoul Press

The Friends of Rantoul’s Parks’ single goal is to improve Rantoul’s parks for our children and families and the overall quality of life in our community.

Guest commentary: Voting "Yes" on Park District dissolution question


For Rantoul Press

Carpenter: Area soccer programs on the rise


Rantoul Press sports editor

Fifteen years ago, with an inside-out swing on a high cutter from the greatest closer in baseball history, Luis Gonzalez floated an opposite field single into shallow left-center for a thrilling World Series walk-off win.

The Library Corner: Stars and crafts books. Oh my!

Rantoul Public Library invites you to participate in a wide array of special activities offered this month, from Moon Watch to Monsters, Crafternoon, from Larry Snider’s Electronic Class to Preschool Story Time.

Wang: Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary


Rantoul Press columnist

Art is an integral part of our daily life.

Evans: Tough decisions await no matter vote outcome

The controversy continues.

For at least two years now, we’ve all known about the struggles of the Brookhill Golf Course, just north of Rantoul.

A note regarding opinions pertaining to upcoming park district referendum

Wednesday, Oct. 26, is the final Rantoul Press edition in which statements may be made in opinion articles that require a response regarding issues and candidates in Nov. 8 election. Most likely drawing the greatest local attention is the question of whether the Rantoul Park District should be dissolved.

Guest commentary: Every citizen owns a piece of Brookhill Golf Course

By Richard Jean

For Rantoul Press

Jack Anderson and the self-named “Friends of Rantoul Parks” (FRP) have gone too far. It is one thing to use half-truths and scare tactics to try and push their agenda. But now they have stooped to a new low and leveled a personal attack on a private citizen, Terry Workman.

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