Remembering the Lampkin shootout

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PAXTON — It was early spring — April 7, 1979, to be exact.

I remember answering the phone in our apartment above Paxton Majestic Theatre. A state trooper had been shot, my neighbor told me.

On The Beat: A Big Mac and kangaroo court

Rantoul Press columnist

Spring is finally here. The temperatures may not be the greatest, but it is still good to see the sunshine, and as we all know, the temperatures will come, and then we will be complaining and asking, ‘When it is going to cool off?’

Here is a quick story from our counterparts in Wisconsin.

The Library Corner: Author Fair back at RPL

Rantoul Press columnist

The eighth annual Rantoul Public Library author fair returns to the library this month.

This popular event kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Friday, April 17, with participating authors reading excerpts from their published works. For two fast-moving hours, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and be entertained in comfort.

Expressions: More than just a father

Rantoul Press columnist

Tucked into a file folder of mementos is a hand-drawn self portrait of me at age 14. My dad has shown it to me at least twice this past year.

Commentary: Anderson is off point on Brookhill

Press general manager    

“You don’t know squat, Jack.”

I guess that’s what I’d tell Jack Anderson, the community kibitzer who is on a campaign to prove to Rantoul the Brookhill Golf Course north of town is losing its shirt. Last week’s guest column concerning a lot of numbers on missing beer sales might need to be reinvestigated.

Pauline's Corner: We lost a good one in Holland

Rantoul Press columnist

Please offer up a prayer for the family and friends of Lottie Holland, who died March 25.

She would travel with Betty and Owen Miller to Rantoul so she could get on the bus and ride to the riverboat in East Peoria with all of us.

Guest Commentary: God bless the work that blesses othere

For Rantoul Press

After 15 years, The Rantoul Community Bicycle Recycling Program will be coming to an end in May.

We have decided that since we have to move out of our current location, it is time to end our program. It has been our pleasure providing bicycles to children in need.

Guest commentary: Giving new meaning to putting away a lot of beers

For Rantoul Press

Take one down, pass it around

Yes, it is that time of the year again when we all report how much we paid in taxes last year. Since taxes are fresh on our minds this article is intended to provide the reader with some insight on how your Rantoul Park District taxes were spent, misspent or just disappeared.

Reeder: Schock and awe: The audacity of a congressman

SPRINGFIELD — There’s really no mystery how Congressional wunderkind   Aaron Schock fell from grace so rapidly.

It’s simple, it’s too common in politics, and it’s spelled H-U-B-R-I-S.

Schock, suspected of lavish spending of taxpayer dollars, is calling it quits after the bright lights turned hot very fast.

Letter: Penitent thief's story is our story as well

To the editor:

Does Christ’s death on the cross have significance for today’s world? Romans 3:21-26 says that His death was to “propitiate” (or “appease”, or “satisfy”) God.

At Calvary, the Father displayed a bloodied Christ so that His attributes of righteousness and grace be demonstrated.

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