Porter: Don't interrupt me when I'm not getting to the point


Rantoul Press columnist

I have a bad habit that I’m trying to break. Well, I have lots of bad habits, but only one that I’m trying to get rid of. I don’t mind the others.

Pace: God requires us to be faithful

Being focused on Him intentionally is a choice to love God above all else. It is not happenstance that we are in a relationship with almighty God on our own terms and in our own timing. To be faithful to Him requires a commitment.

Winter: RPL geared up for August & new school year


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RANTOUL — Rantoul Public Library has a full calendar for August while gearing up for the new school year. 

Guest commentary: Voters will decide our fate


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“Voters to have say on board make-up” read the headlines on last week’s Rantoul Press. Is that a new concept? Isn’t it the voter who has always determined the board make-up?

Guest commentary: Pulling out all the stops in hopes of putting an end to paper tax


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It isn’t that easy to drop everything in the middle of the week and fly to Washington. If you’re a community newspaper publisher, going anywhere in the middle of the week is a challenge. That is when the newspaper has to be edited, wrapped up in color, printed, labeled and distributed to readers.

Reeder: Not all things in our heritage are worthy of deification

SPRINGFIELD – When I saw the two Confederate flags flapping from the bed of a pickup last week, I groaned.

I wondered, “Why would anyone fly those symbols of treason and white supremacy in Abraham Lincoln’s hometown?”

Rowland: Illinois can’t spike its way out of state’s pension problem


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Illinois has the worst credit rating in the nation due in large part to its massive unfunded pension liabilities, but even modest reforms to the state’s biggest problem are no match for election-year politics.

Wang: Wedding trip was one of most memorable, inspiring ones taken

For more than a decade every summer I normally have written one of my most memorable travel stories. Two weeks ago when I started my trip to my daughter’s wedding, my good friend and Rantoul Press Editor Dave Hinton sent me a text message and said: “Safe travels and congrats. Hopefully you won’t cry at the wedding.”

Reeder: We can’t afford to continue with unfunded mandates

SPRINGFIELD – For decades, the two dirtiest words in Illinois education were “unfunded mandates.”

Local school boards and administrators hate these orders that come from Springfield but don’t come with a check attached.

Porter: Trucks, blond hair and old memories


Rantoul Press columnist

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