Letters to the Editor: Salvation came through a person

To the editor:

There was a priest of advanced age, Zacharias, serving in the Jerusalem temple. His name, in Hebrew, means “Jehovah remembers.”

He had a wife named Elisabeth, and her name means “Jehovah’s oath.” Together, they declare that “Jehovah remembers His oath.”  

Reeder: Racism continues to live in hearts of people

SPRINGFIELD – When you are a young man, 20 years seems a long time.

But as we age it seems just the blink of an eye.

I was thinking about that last week when I watched “Green Book,” a movie about a gifted black pianist, Don Shirley, touring the segregated South in the early 1960s with his white driver.

Wang: Art is for everyone, and all can enjoy making it

I recently drove to The Vault, an artists collective gallery in Tuscola, for its seasonal holiday show and sale. I have been aware of The Vault since it was established several years ago.

Reeder: Getting out of financial mess will be difficult for the state

SPRINGFIELD – A new governor has been elected, and soon after he takes the oath of office in January, he will learn mathematics can be quite unkind.

The state of Illinois is teetering on the brink of a fiscal chasm.

No state is in worse shape than the Land of Lincoln. None.

Porter: What music do we want at our funeral?

Rantoul Press columnist

We’ve been watching a new series on Netflix that had a funeral scene where there were live, upbeat musical performances. It got us talking about what kind of funerals we want to have when the time comes.

Kelley: Live your story, write it down

This month’s column has been on my mind for months, all through the days of summer and into the fall; ever since I emailed Editor Dave Hinton with the news that it would be my last.

Reeder: Always something to be thankful for

There is no place more miserable to be on Thanksgiving Day than in a buffet line in a Las Vegas casino.

Nelson: A departure from traditional Christmas cookies


Rantoul Press columnist

Pace: I am known by the king

I am just beginning to realize how important and how much value is placed on being popular.

Porter: Why do we procrastinate? I’ll check later



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