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Letter: Young man’s memory deserves dignity, compassion

To the editor:

Recently our family suffered a tragic and unthinkable loss.  In the aftermath we have been comforted and consoled by a great many people, many of whom we have never met until now.  

Letter: Never would’ve left if Chanute hadn’t closed

To the editor

Chanute was my home, I would say. I lived in the base trailer park with my mom, stepdad and siblings in 1969.

My stepdad worked as a lab tech at the hospital. In 1971 we were all in a car accident in Texarkana while on vacation that killed my mom and baby brother. I was 15.

Fostering Hope: In a battle to stay a family

Rantoul Press correspondent

Foster siblings Addy and Danneli’s birth father unexpectedly surfaced, and Denise, their caseworker, arranged for them to visit with both their parents.

Of course, “grandpa” (no relation but a friend/alcoholism counselor of their mothers’) was there, as well.

Pauline's Corner: Hold a grudge or let it go?

Rantoul Press columnist

What a gorgeous day last Thursday was. I wish our upcoming winter would treat us this well.

I took a ride to Champaign to get another electrocardiogram. Now I will wait for the results. (Scream!) That is the part I really dislike — the waiting.

Statehouse Reeder: No love for the U of I?

By Scott Reeder
Rantoul Press columnist

SPRINGFIELD — Last week, I was chatting with a mother and father about their daughter’s college plans.

Their high-schooler is visiting college campuses, and they are encouraging her to consider attending a college out of state.

I was surprised.

Pauline's Corner: Find the courage; find the words

Rantoul Press columnist

After I read Brendan Quealy’s column, the tears started down my face.

“Why?” You ask.

What child could make such a decision to take his own life? What could have happened to cause such a horrible thought and carry it through?

And why couldn’t anyone see his pain and befriend him?

A Newcomer's View: Standing up after setback

Rantoul Press columnist

I moved to Rantoul from the Chicago suburbs in January. I wrote a few commentaries for this newspaper expressing a newcomerʼs take on life in Rantoul.

The Library Corner: Fun times abound at Rantoul library

Rantoul Press columnist

“Books and doors are the same thing. You open them, and you go through into another world.”

Letter: Garbage policy no small issue

To the editor:

One would think that garbage would not be such an issue. However, some folks are concerned with current policies on just this very item.

Letter: Shelden right man for the job

To the editor:

The high-profile races generally receive the most public attention. Local offices often affect our lives more directly.

One of those offices is recorder of deeds, where Barb Frasca has served the people so well for so long.