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Commentary: Running the Press a bit smarter

Rantoul Press general manager

RANTOUL — The Rantoul Press may have been printed on a hometown press for the last time last week.

Village Happenings: Changes a must to fix our budget

For Rantoul Press

Pauline's Corner: The time for swift action to protect us is right now

Rantoul Press columnist

Our beautiful country is being given away a little at a time. Haven’t any of you noticed?

Guest Commentary: Why I stand with Israel

For Rantoul Press

Members of Congress are facing the test of their political lives. America’s national security is about to be imperiled.  American sovereignty is about to be surrendered.

Guest commentary: Why is it so easy to raise taxes?

By STAN JAMES for Rantoul Press

Why is it government bodies look at raising a tax and/or fee when faced with a looming need?

Reeder: Prisons take a devastating toll in the land of the free

SPRINGFIELD — “Ma’am, I’ve got some good news for you. Your grandson is being released from prison.”

I made that phone call about 15 years ago after covering a session of the Illinois Prisoner Review Board and watching the board members vote to release a long-serving inmate.

Chumbley: To preserve peace, prepare for it

Seven centuries before the coming of Christ, the second king of Rome, Numa Pompilius, erected the Temple of Janus (from which comes the name January).

This building ran east and west, the directions in which the day begins and ends. On each end was a door, and between the doors stood a statue of Janus with two faces, one young, facing east, and one old, facing west.

Poremba: Concerned for people's safety in storms

Last week I had a conversation with Mr. and Mrs. Ken Calhoun of Rantoul.

They are concerned about seniors and people who live in mobile homes in our area who have no safe place to go in a storm.

Lately the storms have become fierce. Many worry about their family and friends.

We have been really blessed so far. I hope this continues and the Lord watches over us.

An Illini fan headed to Kentucky

Aleah Combs is a diehard Illinois fan. “But I might have to switch my loyalties if I’m to survive,” said the 18-year-old Rantoul Township High grad, who next month leaves for the University of Kentucky. “It’s going to be hard to stay true to Illinois. Check back in a few years.”

Letters to the editor


To the editor

I want to give praise to Kellie Wahl and Jasmyne Boyce for the outstanding job they did planning and organizing the Rantoul Freedom Celebration.

These two women put a great deal of time and effort into the weekend. They went above and beyond putting this event together.