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Carpenter: Lawson's character more than admirable

During my time as a sports editor and football beat writer at Illinois State University’s campus newspaper, The Vidette, I had my share of unique and entertaining stories to cover.

Visel: Step inside a new world at the library

“Libraries are always bigger on the inside because every book has an entire world inside of it.”

Wang: Science, art can both be beautiful

During my winter break off from college, my father was curating an art exhibition to celebrate the University of Illinois’ development and milestones in honor of its 150th anniversary. He asked my opinion on one of the pieces to be presented in the exhibition.

Podoll: ‘Hidden Figures’ not to be missed


For Rantoul Press

Once in a while a film comes along that simply cries out for a large audience. I believe “Hidden Figures,” which opened locally on Jan. 6, is one of those movies.

Evans: Bringing out memories with the holidays

The holidays are such a great time to reconnect with family and friends.

Getting back together with the Evans crew is always a treat — even though a couple of the 14-member family usually miss the New Year’s weekend celebration. We all actually get along pretty well, and there’s a lot of laughter, stories, jokes, lies, updates and tears when we do gather for the annual holiday event.

Letter to the Editor: Using technicalities to thwart the people’s will

To the editor:

I pass by Brookhill each time I go to The Forum. For most of the year, Brookhill stands vacant.

Even on fall and spring Saturday mornings, the time when most courses are booked for tee time, few, if any, golfers are seen on the grounds. Thousands of residents use The Forum year round, and most of them several times a week.

Visel: A new year’s library resolution

As you welcome in the new year, resolve to include frequent visits to our Rantoul Public Library. From books, movies and music to exciting and out-of-the-ordinary, fun events, the library really is the heart of our community.

Poremba: Death of Martha Wolf a loss to the community

I am asking for prayers for John Wolf. He lost his wife, Martha. She was a lovely person and taught art at Rantoul Township High School.

Kelley: Discovering who people really are

My husband has a knack for being a good listener, remembering names and taking an avid interest in others.
His conversationalist spirit is contagiously fun and sets the mood so that when we are at a business, we are never typical customers but rather the type who really get to know and consider the worth of people we encounter.

Reeder: Is Rauner’s interest in governing or re-election?

SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Bruce Rauner is loaded for bear.

We are two years out from the 2018 elections, and he deposited $50 million into his own campaign coffers. Why so much, so soon?

He’s sending a message.

Whatever Democrat considers taking him on will be attacked relentlessly.

In 2014, when Rauner was elected, he spent $65 million.