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Letter: More volunteers urgently needed in Gifford

To the editor:

The Long Term Recovery Committee in Gifford has been helping three families in Gifford build their homes, very similar to what Habitat for Humanity has done.

These families are providing a majority of the funding for the materials needed for their homes; we have been providing the labor with the volunteers that have been coming to town all summer.

Letter: Nothing better than Rantoul July 4 parade

To the editor:

“Nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mornin’.”

So goes an old song, but I beg to differ.

I say, “Nothin’ could be better than a parade done to the letter,          

All the smiling, upturned faces

Line the red, white, and blue festooned places.

Letter: Rantoul garbage hauler study would be waste of time

To the editor:

Why is Rantoul wasting money to study the need to go to one trash service?

Chumbley: Wrongdoers succeed because of 'right doers'

The drumbeat of political corruption seems incessant.

Money dutifully paid in taxes for the proper functioning of society and state is misappropriated by politicians to buy votes. Sweetheart deals/crony capitalism (i.e., bribes) favor and enrich the few at the expense of ordinary citizens.

Pace: Let God open the eyes of your heart

Open the eyes of my heart Lord and let my hands bring You glory.

This is the day that God can open the eyes of your heart. Spiritually speaking, He can cause you to see everything in the way that He sees — eyes wide open and looking for the Lord in all things.

Poremba: New martial arts business downtown

Rantoul has another business downtown. It is a martial arts facility named Dojo.

Two families got together and decided to give lessons.

Lou and Gloria Scott purchased the building at 125 E. Sangamon Ave., and Mike and Diane Ostrander with their son Mark are the lead instructors.

Farber: Change to METCAD went off without a problem

It has been a few weeks since I have had an article in the Rantoul Press. If you recall in my last edition I stated that in the weeks to come that the Press would have a number of articles about the Rantoul 911 dispatch system merging with METCAD.

I thank Rantoul Press’ Dave Hinton for his assistance and coverage of the transition of our system into METCAD.

Visel: Medieval Day set Saturday at Rantoul Public Library

“Discover how to visit the past and bring yesterday’s stories into our lives today.”

These words by historian and archeologist Gillian Hovell, author of “Visiting the Past,” are quoted to invite you to attend Rantoul Public Library’s Medieval Day this Saturday, July 19.

Guest Commentary: Answers wanted about Brookhill

For Rantoul Press

As taxpayers we have a right to question how our tax dollars are spent.

Since last week’s articles in the Rantoul Press “Committee to study whether golf course should remain open” and the News-Gazette “Brookhill finances not up to par,” plenty of people have approached me asking questions about what is going on.

Art = Life: The eco-friendly art of upcycling

A couple of weeks ago I went to see the exhibition of “Outstanding in Our Field” at downtown Champaign Indi Go Art Gallery by artists John McDevitt, Sullivan; Melissa Mitchell and Cindy Sampson, Champaign; Melody Moore-Carlson, Eric Walsh and Sally Walsh, Farmer City; and Phil Strang, Urbana.