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Art = Life: The art of absorbing from all others to become the greatest among them

Rantoul Press columnist

Last week at our Rantoul Exchange Club regular lunch meeting Kathleen Finney chatted with me. She had noticed recently that I had featured several Chinese artists in my Art = Life column. I am glad that she reads my column and am more than happy to communicate with my readers.

Pauline's Corner: Centenarians have much to offer

Rantoul Press columnist

Rantoul has had two women who have turned 100. How wonderful!

I spoke with Thelma Taylor, living at Brookstone Estates, and a bit later in the day I received a call telling me about Ruth Guynn, who had reached the century mark. I wish them both the best.

The Library Corner: Bag o' Books is back this weekend

Rantoul Press columnist

The bag o’ books sale will be held this weekend at Rantoul Public Library.

The doors to the Community Room will be open from 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. for the sale Friday, March 6. During that time, each bag yo u fill with books, movies, music and puzzles will be $2 each.

Be Encouraged: In my sanctuary, God’s presence dwells

Rantoul Press columnist

I’m noticing a lot more these days how evil is present and so easily accepted.

Let your spiritual discernment lead you, not your emotions. Be aware of the evil one, who is here to kill, steal and destroy. It is not a game. It is a real war going on in the spiritual realm.

Letter: Gratitude to road workers

To the editor:

The morning of Sunday March 1, 2015, the Penfield-Gifford American Legion had their annual pancake and sausage breakfast with proceeds benefiting the veterans, including those at the Danville VA. 

Editorial: Let's all have a big get together

Meeting after meeting after meeting. Does one ever get tired of meetings? You bettcha!

It seems Rantoul is full of meetings since the new village leadership has taken over. With a new village administrator in place and now an economic development director, Rantoul community leaders could be going to meetings just about every week — and sometimes two and three times a week.

Letter: Just how peaceful is Islam?

To the editor:

For reasons unknown to thinking people, many of our politicians, including Barack Hussein Obama,  keep telling us that Islam is a beautiful religion of peace.   

Grab a Quran and take a peek at Surah 2:16, 5:33, 8:12, and 9:5 for starters.

The best solution might be dissolution

For Rantoul Press

As always, it is important that I point out that the Rantoul Park District is a totally different governmental taxing entity then the village of Rantoul’s parks and recreation department.

Poremba: Age is just a number for Taylor

OK, give me a clue. What is it that keeps some people so healthy and happy?

Is it the water in Rantoul? Is it the friends we have, or is it where we reside?

After visiting a woman who will turn 100 years old, I still have to wonder because once you meet this women you would never believe her age, and once you have a conversation with her, you just can’t use the word “old.”

Farber: Remember your pets in this frigid weather

The cold weather seems to be relentless, but fortunately we have had little snow to speak of.

Please keep in mind during the cold period to keep a close eye on your pets. Domesticated animals have a difficult time handling cold weather.

Many breeds by nature are not meant to be cold-weather animals. Limit your pets’ outside exposure to the winter elements.