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Expressions: Discovering the bravery of her ancestors

Rantoul Press columnist

Every so often I examine one of the photos that I retain as curator of the family genealogy collection, and stare into the faces of who I’ve deemed “the unknown Hoffmanns.”

The Library Corner: Party in the house at library

Rantoul Press columnist

Rantoul Public Library will be the party place to be on Wednesday, May 18.

From 3–5 that afternoon, celebrate the kick off for the children’s summer reading program during the open house.

Pauline's Corner: Good gardening a saver’s delight

Rantoul Press columnist

 Pull up a chair and join me at my table. We can chat about the gardening that has begun.

As you sip your tea, and I my coffee, it is time to decide what will go in the garden to grow and help our dinner table during the winter months.

Guest Commentary: Hardin's numbers just don't add up

For Rantoul Press

Last year local resident Alan Ludwig wrote a letter to the editor to the Rantoul Press titled, “Brookhill course not an asset.” In his letter he challenged park district President Gary Hardin’s assertion that the district’s Brookhill Golf Course is a “decided asset” because it draws golfers from out of town to Rantoul.

Statehouse Reeder: Lawmakers might not get paid either

Rantoul Press columnist

SPRINGFIELD – Illinois lawmakers may find themselves waiting months to get paid — just like many firms that do business with the state.

Illinois has been functioning without a budget for 10 months.

Pauline's Corner: What is going on in our town?

Rantoul Press columnist

How often do we have to hear that Rantoul has no money?

Somehow a genie will produce money to take down Myna Thompson School.

That will be amazing, folks. How are they going to get the asbestos magically removed? We have no money, remember?

Letter: Prom-goers a pleasure to serve

To the editor:

We would like to thank all the  Rantoul High School and St. Thomas More students who went to prom on April 23.

In all the years of doing proms, this was the best year we have ever had dealing with these kids.

Editorial: Lovie turns his back on Camp Rantoul

Lovie Smith isn’t feeling the love any more in Rantoul.

The Library Corner: Borrowing beauty, keeping knowledge

Rantoul Press columnist

“The library lets you borrow the beauty and keep the knowledge.”

Pauline's Corner: So many good people are gone

Rantoul Press correspondent

I would like to offer up prayers for the Miller family. They lost their mother, Alice Miller, a friend for many years. She will be missed.

I have lost so many friends in the past two years. Paul  Dollins was another person that had a great personality. He will be missed. He was a very kind person.