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Prairie Writings: I've found it! Here's the key to happiness

When you ask people what they want, nine out of 10 — maybe 99 out of 100 — will say, “happiness.”

You wonder, though, how many who are looking for happiness know what it is or if they’d recognize it if they found it?

Letter to the Editor: Thanks for the rescue, Capitol Car Credit

To the editor:
I am an alumna of University of Illinois, and I return to the area most years for an annual reunion we hold which starts with golf at Brookhill in Rantoul.
I currently live in San Antonio, Texas, and my husband and I were at the end of a three-week road trip on Aug. 9 when we found ourselves stranded in Rantoul with an overheating car.

Pauline's Corner: Sheppard’s Closet is a must-visit in Gibson City

I have found another need in Rantoul.

The cross walks need to be refreshed with bright yellow paint as they cannot be seen very well.

This is important for safety, so please let’s get this problem fixed.

So it Goes: Customer service at its finest, worst

When a product or service is purchased, customer service is ideally supposed to ensure customer satisfaction with that product or service.

Recently, I have had numerous positive experiences at a particular local business in town which runs rings around the customer service offered by a good number of corporate giants today.

Pauline's Corner: Gimme a bench for a break

One year ago I wrote about the retention pond being a really nice place to walk and visit with friends, and it still is.

People like to go fishing there and enjoy the beautiful weather, unless the geese decide to use the walking area for a potty parlor. Then, you can bring your rain boots and play, “Let’s go sliding.” Gee, what fun.

Guest Commentary: ‘Jungle Safari’ nothing but a cruel joke to big cats

For Rantoul Press

I am shocked and saddened to see that a man named Robert Engesser is traveling the country and setting up a roadside zoo full of exotic cats and  cubs in various cities using the name “Jungle Safari.”

Last week they were in our town at Rantoul Plaza.

Letter to the Editor: A well-deserved bit of gratitude from the RTHS booster club

To the editor:
I am writing to express my gratitude on behalf of the Rantoul Athletic Boosters.  

The Library Corner: A library for the people, by the people

“A library was nothing without its people. ... People made the library. That’s what made a library. Without them, all the sacredness was gone. It was just a building with books.”

Talented Californian author Scott Douglas (“The Noob Warriors”) made that comment. He should know; he’s also a librarian who knows that people make the difference.

Be Encouraged: Teaching others to have faith in God

We can all make a difference in the world we live in, and we must choose to do our best. I am one, but there are so many others in my life who inspire me to be the best Christian I can be.

It does not mean I am perfect. It just means they notice the transformation.

Unconditional love is a God thing, and I choose to love all unconditionally.

Guest Commentary: Rantoul needs to stand up, support Brookhill

For Rantoul Press

Everyone makes mistakes. That is a fact of life. 

Most of the time, you have the opportunity to correct mistakes or, at the very least, learn from your mistake and not make the same one in the future.
Our community has an opportunity to avoid making a disastrous mistake by closing Brookhill.