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Art = Life: The art of giving

Rantoul Press columnist

In December News-Gazette Managing Editor Jeff D’Alessio wrote me an e-mail and asked me, “What’s the kindest, most selfless act you witnessed in 2014?”

Pauline's Corner: A friend in need

Rantoul Press columnist

We have a family in Rantoul that is in need.

The woman is going through cancer treatment and trying to work and raise her family as well.

The Library Corner: Curl up with a good book

Rantoul Press columnist

Prose possibilities persist at Rantoul Public Library to help you thaw winter your way. With delightful activities and special events, the library provides great ways to chase winter woes away.

A warm welcome to Curves

To the editor:

First of all, we would like to welcome Curves, the fitness center, to downtown Rantoul.

We are excited to watch their operation continue to grow and congratulate the manager, Carolyn Wolfe, for her hard work. We would also like to clarify their exact location as to our building, Lindsey Lane Bridal, at 200 E. Sangamon.

Letter: Go after the trash pick-up violators

To the editor:

Regarding the single-trash hauler issue, the village of Rantoul trustees and administration seem to want to bite off more than they need to chew. Their infatuation with the idea that a single hauler, with the village collecting the fees, is the only solution to the village’s trash problem, leaves a lot of unanswered questions.

Letter: Thank you for your kind, giving hearts

To the editor:

We offer many thanks to the generous outpouring of support for the Rantoul Police Department’s annual mitten tree.  
The police department received an abundance of mittens, gloves and hats to assist in keeping our community’s children warm.

Village Happenings: Single hauler best for Rantoul

By Jeffrey Fiegenschuh
Rantoul Press columnist

I hope everyone had a safe and festive Christmas and New Year’s season. 

The Christmas season is one of the many times each year we should truly be thankful for all that our community and country have been blessed with; it’s a wonderful feeling. 

Guest Commentary: Single-hauler system akin to dicatorship

For Rantoul Press

So are we, the people of Rantoul, going to know all the costs that will go along with the dictatorship of making us go to a single trash service of your choice not our choice? 

On The Beat: If you see something suspicious, call police

Rantoul Press columnist

The weather has also arrived. Oh well, enough said. It is typical weather.

Look at things this way — baseball spring training is only six weeks away. That is a sure sign that good weather is on the way.

Guest Commentary: A newbie's view of Rantoul

By Joe Larkin
For Rantoul Press

Hello, Rantoul. I just moved to town. My name is Joe Larkin.

I live on the perimeter of Chanute in a house that I believe was once occupied by Air Force personnel. My wife, Lynne, a Rantoul native, and I have remodeled and upgraded the place.