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Village Happenings: Rantoul’s strongest asset is its people

By Jeffrey A. Fiegenschuh
Rantoul Press columnist

It’s been a hectic first few months, but I’ve survived. 

I’ve had the pleasure of serving as your village administrator since early October and have loved every bit of it. Time flies when you are having fun and enjoy what you do. 

Prairie Writings: Scrooge an example of how people can change for better

Rantoul Press columnist

Charles Dickens wrote some marvelous tales of Christmas — tales full of fog and snow and plum pudding and happiness — but surely the greatest of these was his first, “A Christmas Carol.”

Pauline's Corner: Wishing for peace this Christmas

Rantoul Press columnist

I would like to thank all the people who took the time to call me and ask why the column wasn’t in the paper the last two weeks.

I really haven’t felt well enough to think or write, so I decided to rest instead.

I am back and hoping all of you are ready to read.

This is my Christmas list:

Guest Commentary: Brookhill matter not to be forgotten

For Rantoul Press

As many readers will remember, back in early September, the Rantoul Park District appointed a seven-member Citizens Advisory Committee to help them determine the future of the park district The village’s Parks and Recreation Department is a totally different government taxing entity than the park district.

Wang: Make your life a masterpiece

This is the beginning of the eighth year of my column.

It was not too long ago, when the Press’ Editor Dave Hinton asked me to let him know if I am running out of art(ists) to write about for the column. So far this problem has not happened.

Smith: Rocks in a sock in the toilet

Through all the hectic days and nights, foster siblings Addy and Danneli existed in their own little world. The comment from their previous foster mother,

“Well, you’ll see ...” became more meaningful to us as time went on.

Farber: Have a cup of joe with the chief

December is upon us, and a new year is looming very near.

This past year seemingly went by very quickly.

As the year 2014 comes to an end, it is time to reflect, not on the past because it is gone. Our sights should be focused on today and how we can make each day better for others.

Letter: Peace for when the end comes

To the editor:

In the Sunday paper, Don Follis said the world is coming to an end soon.

When I was in the eighth grade, which was a lot of years ago, the world was to end at noon. So when noon came close, the teacher and students were scared.

Letter to the Editor: Peace for when the end comes

To the editor:

Statehouse Reeder: A blind date and Thanksgiving love

Illinois News Network

SPRINGFIELD – There is no place more miserable to be on Thanksgiving Day than in a buffet line in a Las Vegas casino.
Trust me. I’ve been there.

Back when I was single and a reporter for the Las Vegas Sun, I found myself new in town and alone on the holiday in the middle of Sin City.