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Carpenter: Ready for the postseason

Last week was the first time in my young career that I have had the opportunity to cover a game every single day.

With conference tournaments underway and still regular season games going on, there was no shortage of competition. And it was phenomenal.

Out of the six games I watched, two on Saturday, five of them were either thrilling, entertaining or down-to-the-wire.

Evans: Time to move onward, outward to new challenges, adventures

When I came here just more than 10 years ago, I knew we’d have a challenge, but I was up for anything at that point in my life. I’d gone into other operations for other companies to fix newspapers, and while it was never easy, it was rewarding.

I knew one thing going in — The News-Gazette was a great company, and there were few left like it in the nation.

Porema: Look for the good, and don't be hatin'

When I turn on the evening news and see all the people demonstrating such hate toward one another, it reminds me of what Sister LaGuardia told me back in 1940s Brooklyn.

This is what she said about Our Lord and his palate of paint as our conversation grew:

Frerichs: The Treasurer's Report


For Rantoul Press

Serving as treasurer of Illinois, is one of the greatest honors. I am humbled by the various ways we help Illinoisans.

Porter: No, it’s not that Matt Damon


For Rantoul Press

Admittedly, I’ve always been a bit of a name dropper. In the news business, there tends to be a lot of trading on relationships. I suppose that’s true in a lot of businesses.

Wahl: Getting started with a new year, new column


Rantoul Press columnist

It’s here! Another year sweeps in, and there’s a twinkle in the eyes of all the dreamers, believers and those looking for a second chance to get things just right.

Letters to the Editor: Jan. 24

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to warn people. If you are injured in a fall and go to the emergency room as I was in the beginning of October, I was in such pain I had no words to try and explain   

We called an ambulance, and my son Mark and my husband drove down behind the ambulance.

Carpenter: Lawson's character more than admirable

During my time as a sports editor and football beat writer at Illinois State University’s campus newspaper, The Vidette, I had my share of unique and entertaining stories to cover.

Visel: Step inside a new world at the library

“Libraries are always bigger on the inside because every book has an entire world inside of it.”

Wang: Science, art can both be beautiful

During my winter break off from college, my father was curating an art exhibition to celebrate the University of Illinois’ development and milestones in honor of its 150th anniversary. He asked my opinion on one of the pieces to be presented in the exhibition.