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Expressions: Words not enough for my mom

Rantoul Press columnist

To write about my mom is to write about a time of life that sounds like something out of the Little House on the Prairie books.

Editorial: Air museum closure a sad-but-true inevitability

The village of Rantoul is not at fault for the future closing of Chanute Air Museum, and people who tend to lean in that direction should reconsider.

We don’t think there is a culprit. The planned closing is simply the result of economic reality.

Guest Commentary: Shuttering museum a troubling decision

For Rantoul Press

As a restoration volunteer at The Chanute Air Museum, I find the decision by the museum board of directors to close particularly  troubling.

Letter: Sad to see museum go

To the editor:

Just finished reading your story on the closing of the Octave Chanute Museum in Rantoul. 

Letter: Still want pickup choice

To the editor:

On the subject of garbage hauling, I still want my right to choose who I do business with.

It’s like telling us we have to live in homes they choose, the doctor we use, the stores we shop in, etc.

I feel my rights are slowly being siphoned away from me on everything, and I think it’s time we all just said, “Hey, wait a minute here.”

On The Beat: A major glitch on the Emerald Isle

Rantoul Press columnist

Mother Nature still does not seem to want to let go and reward us with good weather.  Hopefully, true spring is around the corner.

Pauline's Corner: Serious people for serious jobs

Rantoul Press columnist

Two weeks ago when I wrote my column, I left out an important item. I have been receiving calls from people who need alterations done like hemming and making clothing smaller.

I didn’t put enough information in, so it was left out.

Theater Review: 'Drowsy Chaperone' mix of humor, music

For Rantoul Press

I saw the opening night performance of “The Drowsy Chaperone” at Parkland College Theatre in Champaign two weeks ago. This is one truly funny play; I mean in places it is an almost-falling-out-of-your-seat-and-into-the-aisle-funny “musical within a comedy,” as it bills itself.

Prairie Writings: Take a lesson from Wallace and the moth

Rantoul Press colunnist

Alfred Russel Wallace was an English biologist and naturalist who, along with Charles Darwin, was an early proponent of the theory of evolution.

Statehouse Reeder: Illinois in a state of "pay to play"

By Scott Reeder
Rantoul Press columnist

SPRINGFIELD – When it comes to business, Illinois government has churned out more sweetheart deals over the last decade than a lovelorn teenager on Valentine’s Day.

We have taken to paying businesses to move here. And if they threaten to leave, we’ll give them more bucks to just stick around.