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Pauline's Corner: Homeless couple needs a reality check

Please pray for the people who lost their homes due to the flooding. Also pray for the people who are suffering with mental health problems and can’t get the proper health care they need due to budget problems.

I read the story in the Press about the homeless couple living part time in the park.

Austin Berg: The power of Madigan’s map

For Rantoul Press

Tim Mapes, House Speaker Mike Madigan’s chief of staff, embarked on an interesting challenge last week.

Statehouse Reeder: Blago a nightmare returned

Rantoul Press columnist

It was like a nightmare that just kept coming back.

Rod Blagojevich was back in court. He wanted a federal judge to cut his 14-year prison sentence after only serving four years.

But the judge said, nothing doing.

So more than likely, Blagojevich is going to remain locked up for many years to come.

Letter: Rumble on the Runway a big hit

To the editor

RACC extends its thanks to all who came out for the Rantoul Rumble on the Runway Monster Truck Show.

Pauline's Corner: Blessed through the hard times

Last week was an interesting one.

The heat took all the energy out of so many of us; so many of my friends just wanted to sleep. I remember 52 years ago giving birth to my eldest son while I was at Burnham City Hospital after a cesarean section, and in those days they had you stay two weeks.

The Library Corner: Places to go, people to see, things to do, books to read

“Books aren’t just made of words, you know. They’re also filled with places to visit and people to meet.”

That prolific author Anonymous once again identifies the fun and the importance of reading. And where better to explore a world of reading than Rantoul Public Library.

You’ll also find movies, music and books on CD, as well as a host of special and free events.

Statehouse Reeder: Trump's truly cringe-worthy moment

SPRINGFIELD — When a veteran gave Donald Trump his Purple Heart earlier this month, David Cay Johnston cringed.

Johnston, the son of a disabled World War II-era veteran, knows the sacrifices that medal represents. It’s only awarded to military personnel wounded or killed in combat.

Trump said of the gift, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”

Art = Life: Gregory’s art of university education

John Milton Gregory was the first regent of the Illinois Industrial University (now the University of Illinois).

Be Encouraged: An opportunity for refreshing

In this day and age of seeking answers, we are being presented with an opportunity for a refreshing of the spirit within us.

Finding your place in the community you live in is a journey that can begin in one area and wind up in another. But along the way, you are taking in lessons in life that are being instilled in your spirit to serve as Christ served the world.

Pauline's Corner: It was the computer’s fault

Sorry I missed all of you last week, but I have noticed lately that if something bad is going to happen, it will come my way.  

The computer my son gave me just stopped. It couldn’t be fixed.

I went to my sister Mary Jane, and she was going to let me write the column on her computer. It would not allow me to get into Yahoo.