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Heart of the Matter: Quinn is not right for Illinois' future

We Illinoisans have a chance to wrest some power from corrupt Chicago Democrats next month.    

With our Gov. Pat Quinn’s dismal record of corruption and failure, it’s hard to believe that challenger Bruce Rauner isn’t dominating in the polls.

Pauline's Corner: Prejudice is a product of ingnorance

I read the article Jillian Smith wrote, and it was a very good article, although I would have handled it in a completely different way.

Just saying.

First of all if you want to talk about prejudice, it happens because of ignorance. Haven’t you noticed in today’s world, if someone does wrong, the matter isn’t bought up; the color is.

On the Beat with the Chief: Always embrace change when it comes

As I said in the last issue — change is coming to this article.

I have been using the term “shelf life” a lot in conversation lately — shelf life simply meaning the way we do things must come to an end and be changed or restock must occur.

Guest Commentary: Local residents want to help

For Rantoul Press

Because I had been speaking before the Rantoul Park District Board, a friend of mine asked me if I could request of the board that nets be added to the Maplewood Sports Complex basketball court.

The Library Corner: A big bag o' books is a big bag o' fun

The Friends of Rantoul Public Library’s bag o’ books sale is much more than just a bag of books.

It’s a bagful of travel, of mystery, of romance, of science. It offers hope, challenges and delights. A bag of books can introduce you to new authors and reacquaint you to long-time favorites.

Letter to the Editor: Don't give Sue the runaround

To the editor:

Pauline's Corner: Get out there and live a little today

In last week’s Press I wrote about grandmothers/great-grandmothers and many of their feelings about how their children had practically abandoned them.

I had a really good response. Many people told me they could relate.

I also had a visit from one of my readers who told me these women need to pray much harder than ever.

Art = Life: Humbled by Humanitarian Awards invite

I am so honored to be invited to be the exhibiting artist for the C-U Annual Humanitarian Awards Celebration.

My exhibition will be titled “The Art of Living Within Cultures.” The Humanitarian Awards will be held Thursday, Sept. 25, at the I Hotel, 1900 S. First St. in Champaign.

Be Encouraged: Build up your foundation through Jesus

If you truly want to succeed, make sure to build your foundation on the solid rock, Jesus Christ.

With Jesus as the foundation, you will not be easily persuaded to fall into the ways of the world.

Fostering Hope: Facing prejudice as a family

Not only did our five foster children experience physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of their own families, as well as in other locations and placements, but they also had to contend with constantly changing schools, strangers in control of their lives and in some cases, even starvation.