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On the Beat with the Chief: Get ready to fall back on Sunday

We are getting down to the home stretch for 2014. It seems this year has flown by.

Sunday, Nov. 2, will be the “fall back” in time. We turn our clocks back one hour.

Of course, we know that all the dropping back and moving forward in the spring has been going on since the 1960s. And, yes, that is more than 50 years.

Letter to the Editor: Missile is a symbol of what made Rantoul

To the editor:

Letter to the Editor: Eater fans set horrible example for kids

To the editor:

Be Encouraged: We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses

This past week has been a time of being afflicted, a time of reflection and a time of joining in with others who have a great spirit of hospitality.

It has occurred to me that you just never know who will be your angel for the day.

Heart of the Matter: Halloween comes 365 days a year in Illinois

This year, try going as a Democrat for Halloween. It’s easy, here’s how.

You do it when the kids knock on your door, take half of whatever amount of candy they’ve worked for and then redistribute it to all the other kids in town who were too lazy to go trick-or-treating for themselves.

When they object, tell them it’s high time they paid their “fair share.” Real scary stuff.

Guest commentary: RTHS a good place to attend high school

For Rantoul Press

This week I had one of those moments that confirmed why I entered the education field.  A student came to me and expressed how much he enjoyed being at Rantoul Township High School.

Theater review: RTG play has plenty of humor

For Rantoul Press

RANTOUL — If laughing is your game, then “Acting Can Be Murder” is the name of the next play you should see at Grissom Hall Theatre, Rantoul.

Poremba: Items sought for several in need

It is just wonderful to look outside in October and still see roses blooming. I am so grateful for the beauty lingering on.

Letters to the editor

Brookhill Golf Course asset to village of Rantoul

To the editor:

In response to Jack Anderson’s letter regarding Brookhill Golf Course, I agree that as a community we should not let our parks deteriorate.