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Thompson: Plenty of fun, unique activities upcoming at the library


Rantoul Press columnist

Sept. 24-30 has been named Banned Book Week.  Emily Knox, PhD, assistant professor from the School of Information Science at the University of Illinois, will present a lecture from 6:30-7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 27, in the Community Room of Rantoul Public Library.

Reeder: Asking for a plan for increased spending

SPRINGFIELD – Recently, the Illinois General Assembly passed a measure that lays the foundation for one of the largest tax hikes in the state’s history.

Or it could lay the foundation for massive future deficit spending.

Or maybe, it’s a precursor for substantial spending cuts to fund schools. (I’m not holding my breath on that one.)

Porter: Not many milestones left to cross off the list


Rantoul Press columnist

I walked inside my daughter’s house last week and her oldest son announced, “I’m a birthday boy.” He turned 3, so I asked him how old he was and, without hesitation, he said, “I’m 6.”

Letter to the editor: Thankful for gracious Tire Monkey support

To the editor:

I am writing to express my gratitude for Tire Monkey.

Our tire had gone flat, and we called them. They came out right away and helped out (and) followed me up to the shop to make sure I made it.

While I was sitting up there they were very nice to me, joking around.

Poremba: Taking a look at organic foods

 I have heard so much about organic foods, so let’s study the word.


1-Of carbon  compounds

2-Of living organisms

3-Of produce grown without pesticides

Wang: Appreciation for award-winning artist & contemporary art exhibits

Since I came to Rantoul in the early 1990s, I have been going to the annual art and design faculty shows of Parkland College and UI School of Art and Design. These are the academic contemporary art exhibitions I enjoy the most.

Poremba: Some needed items requested; fund set up for teen facing surgery

Let’s start this week’s column with items that are needed.

Seek and Find shop is in need of the plastic bins with covers so they can put items in them to keep them dust free and clean. If you have any and they are in the way, please consider donating them. 

Thompson: Library has lots of stuff — even fishing poles


Rantoul Press columnist

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month. Library cards are free to residents who live or own property within the village limits of Rantoul because their property taxes already support the library.

Kelley: Hundreds of thousands trek to my old stomping grounds to view eclipse

Last autumn the Rantoul Press featured my two-part series about Southern Illinois, where I mentioned the Aug. 21, 2017, total solar eclipse and the free-spirited community of Makanda that was busy promoting the point of longest duration of totality in the country.

Poremba: Need help solving this mystery

I have a mystery to solve. Would you like to help?

Today  (Aug. 24 ) I awoke and  received a call from a relative  that said, “I think I started to sleep walk last night or I fell off the bed. That would explain the huge black eye and the cut on my head and my broken glasses and the blood all over my shirt.”

Wow. You now have my full attention.