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Reeder: Still longing for day when race is no longer a factor

SPRINGFIELD – I was chatting with a friend the other day and we got to talking about “white privilege.”

Lots of white folks, myself included, fail to always notice the advantages we receive every day.

Fogal: Volunteering can be tough, but it’s worth it


Rantoul Press columnist

DEWEY — Life at SHARE is a wondrous thing; one never knows what can happen.

Horses can get colic, or perhaps two ornery ones decide not to get along. Yes, volunteers step in and help out. Horses, ponies, donkeys all need us volunteers.

Visel: Escape for summer fun at library

Rantoul Public Library is definitely the place to be for great summer fun. From the reading program Reading by Design to exciting activities and events, the library offers you and your family a lovely escape from the usual routine.

Porter: This is what makes some ketchup fancy


Rantoul Press columnist

I went to put some ketchup on my fries today and noticed that it was not just any ordinary ketchup. It was fancy ketchup.

Letters to the editor: July 12

Vandal breaks flags set out near homes

To the editor:

Every year now for over 10 years we line Ascot Drive with flags to celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.

Reeder: Illinois could learn a lot from Lone Star State

 LEAGUE CITY, Texas -— I was in Texas last month doing some reporting, and I was a bit bemused that its legislature was enmeshed in a budget predicament of its own.

Lawmakers there were pondering whether to dip into the state’s $12 billion “rainy day fund” to help balance the state’s budget.

Berg: Illinois residents can thank Madigan for smaller checks


For Rantoul Press

More than 240 years ago, a group of individuals stood up against a far-off king who taxed them without recourse. Americans honor their efforts each year on Independence Day.

The Illinois General Assembly had a funny way of celebrating this year.

Poremba: Let women have chance, and world would get better

You all see on the evening news that every country on earth is fighting about something. I am sure if someone would ask, “What are you fighting about?” one would receive an answer because the question is given to men!

Wang: An art journey from China to the American Midwest

For the last several years I tried to write one of my summer Art = Life columns for a national museum visit. In May of this year, I did visit the National Art Museum, the American Art Museum and Portrait Gallery in D.C. However, for this column I will write about an art journey from China to the U.S. with our readers.

Berg: State budget plan is no cause to celebrate

For Rantoul Press

The Illinois House of Representatives passed a full-year budget Sunday. It’s the first time in two years the body has approved such a plan.