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On The Beat: Time to retire

Rantoul Press columnist

Two weeks in a row you received this edition in the Rantoul Press.

This edition is about me. Sound conceited? I hope not.

Art = Life: The vision for my future

Rantoul Press columnist

After 20 years establishing and managing Prairie Village Retirement Community in Rantoul, I am very happy that I have moved it to a new level.

Prairie Writings: About time for Henson's honor

Rantoul Press columnist

Recently, the University of Illinois announced that the basketball court in the newly remodeled Assembly Hall (State Farm Center) will be named after former head coach Lou Henson.

Pauline's Corner: Time for generosity

Rantoul Press columnist

St. Malachy Church has in this week’s bulletin that it is need of box tops and Campbell soup labels.

Let’s flood them with sacks full.

I have been writing this column for many years as a volunteer and have discussed many things and managed to get so much done for so many.

Expressions: Reaching new heights along our family road trip

Rantoul Press columnist

This summer my family continued our tradition of a road-trip vacation. Logistically it’s a bit complicated. Our two oldest daughters live in Canada, so it always means flying them and a boyfriend to Chicago and renting a vehicle large enough to hold our family of seven adults.

Statehouse Reeder: Lessons learned from my mom and dad

Rantoul Press columnist

BROOKLYN, Ill. —  As the morning sun peeked through the shades of my bedroom, I kissed my wife, Joan, and whispered, “I’m heading to the cemetery.”

Her eyes flickered open and she asked, “Why?”

“It’s Mom and Dad’s anniversary.”

She nodded and fell back to sleep

The Library Corner: Harness the power of a library card

Rantoul Press columnist

It’s library card sign-up month at Rantoul Public Library.

Become the proud owner of the smartest card available today: your own library card. Use it to check out books, music and movies. Show it to secure time on one of several computers.

Your library card: Don’t leave home without it.

On The Beat: Half Century show great for Rantoul

Rantoul Press columnist

As I put this column together we are in the middle of the I & I Half Century of Progress show at the airport here in Rantoul. This biannual event is experiencing a record-breaking attendance.

Letter: Never would’ve left if Chanute hadn’t closed

To the editor

Chanute was my home, I would say. I lived in the base trailer park with my mom, stepdad and siblings in 1969.

My stepdad worked as a lab tech at the hospital. In 1971 we were all in a car accident in Texarkana while on vacation that killed my mom and baby brother. I was 15.

Letter: Young man’s memory deserves dignity, compassion

To the editor:

Recently our family suffered a tragic and unthinkable loss.  In the aftermath we have been comforted and consoled by a great many people, many of whom we have never met until now.