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Letter to the Editor: Apologies for dropping the flag

To the editor:

Pauline's Corner: In reponse to criticism of my column

I am going to answer all of the letters and calls I received pertaining to the Sept. 24 column I wrote regarding the high school music teacher, Bryan Reynolds.

Expressions: Moving away and finding home

I paused to snap a photo of the Home Theater sign against the pink-dusk western horizon as my family and I emerged from another delicious dinner at Gustoso in downtown Rantoul.

Pauline's Corner: There's always an opportunity to help those in need

I have the name of a woman in Rantoul who works with and for special children. She has a wish list for the kids.

Needed are Play-Doh, snacks, Velcro, paper towels and material for someone who sews for children. The snacks can only be purchased, not made from home.

The Library Corner: Thank you for making Bag o’ Books a success

Last weekend’s bag o’ books sale at the library was a success.

The Friends of the Rantoul Public Library extend a heart-felt “thank you” to all who helped with sale.

Letter to the Editor: Campbell overlooked again for director

To the editor:

Letter to the Editor: Show some respect for American flag

To the editor:

On the Beat with the Chief: Never overlook a penny for a quarter

In last week’s edition I touched on change which is a definite thing and cannot be stopped — regardless of one’s feelings. We will, in the years to come, see many changes in our community.

Statehouse Reeder: Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Cronyism has got to go!

In Illinois government it’s often not what you know, but who you know, that gets you hired.

It’s been that way under Republicans and under Democrats.

Jobs are divvied up after every election like spoils of war.

It is part of Illinois’ culture of “cronyism” that allows the politically connected to prosper at the expense of the rest of us.
Cronyism comes in all stripes.

Be Encouraged: Having the favor of God on your life

The favor of God on your life does not prevent bad things from attacking you, but it will surpass the negativity of the situation.
If you look up and recognize it is God’s will to give you only good, yet He will allow things that are less favorable to touch your life only for a reason.

During that, you praise Him like never before even though it is not what you desired.