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Wang: One couple’s creative way to create holiday cards

Several years ago when the IDEA store just opened, I discovered and purchased a total of 11 historical woodblock prints by the former UI dean of students, Fred Turner, and his wife, Betty Turner. They created and sent them out as their Christmas greeting cards from 1946 through 1974 to approximately 270 people each year.

Poremba: People in Tennessee are suffering from wild fires

Please pray for the people in Tennessee. They are truly suffering from the effects of the wild fires.

I can’t imagine losing everything, I realize many things can be replaced but not a human life. I watched the news one evening last week. A family from Illinois was driving through the raging fire to get out of the area.

Reeder: Trump’s promises just like many politicians’

“I have squandered my resistance

For a pocket full of mumbles, such are promises

All lies and jests

Still a man hears what he wants to hear

And disregards the rest.”

—Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel — lyrics from “The Boxer.”

SPRINGFIELD — If I’ve learned anything in my 30 years covering politics it is this: Politicians disappoint, always.

Visel: Polar Express makes a return

The Polar Express pajama party returns this Friday evening, Dec. 9, to the Rantoul Public Library’s Community Room, where this highly popular event will start at 7 p.m.

Bring the kiddies dressed in their favorite warm jammies for this festive and free celebration that will include the reading of the popular story “The Polar Express” by Chris Van Allsburg.

Kelley: Teachers can have profound effect on lives of young people

My most memorable, favorite teacher is from fifth grade. Her name was Miss Laucke. Her first name was also Linda, and at age 10, I thought that was pretty special to share the same name.

She was so young and pretty and wore a lovely heart-shaped locket. I admired her in many ways, and at home my sisters and I actually played school for a pastime, and I aspired to be a teacher.

Poremba: It’s not just the turkey that was stuffed

Let me know if you are over the shock of the food coma.

I noticed several people trying to shop after leaving the dinner table last Thursday (Thanksgiving).

Letters to the Editor: Nov. 29

New Rantoul history museum worth the visit

To the editor:

I recently had the opportunity to tour the new location of the Rantoul historical museum (located on Rt. 136 east across from the Dairy Queen).

If you like museums, are interested in history or just enjoy “old stuff,” this is the place for you.

Letter: Be careful letting people in your home

To the editor:
Don’t let anyone in your house to use your phone.

I let a young man in to use my phone. It is a house phone that sits close to the door.

I forgot I had left my car keys on the stand by the door. After the boy left, I was going to go to the store. The young man stole my car keys.

Letter: New sidewalks, streets are welcome

To the editor:

Thank you to the village of Rantoul for new streets and sidewalks in several locations all over town.

Sangamon and Malsberry Drive extension south out to Murray Road look great.

Broadmeadow will too, soon.

Plus lots of sidewalks on West Grove Street and more.

Keep up the good work. It’s seen and appreciated by many.

Letter: Property tax hindrance to Rantoul development

To the editor:
According to The Champaign News-Gazette, Illinois has the second-highest property tax levy in the U.S., trailing only Connecticut. The county of Champaign has one of the higher property tax levies in Illinois, and Rantoul, by far, has the highest property tax levy in Champaign County.

Why is this happening?