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Letter to the Editor: May 31

To the editor:

The Community Service Center of Northern Champaign County helps over 1,500 individuals a month. We could not do this without having the support of the caring people of Rantoul and the surrounding communities. 

Editorial: Our view: unacceptable


That one word perfectly sums up the pain, dysfunction and instability Capitol politicians have inflicted on Illinois by their failure to provide a permanent balanced state budget for two years.

Poremba: Beauty is in so many things

Beauty comes in so many forms and is everywhere.

I was looking out the front door of my home and saw the most beautiful bird. I can’t tell you what it was, but the color was breathtaking. It was a bit larger than a finch, and it was a green that seemed to change color as it moved on the ground.

Reeder: Despite misdeeds, portrait of Blago should be included

SPRINGFIELD — Pat Quinn’s portrait was unveiled at the Illinois statehouse recently, and I’m glad.

While I’m not a big fan of the former governor, he did some historic things, and his legacy deserves to be honored with a painting. After all, the people of Illinois entrusted him with our state’s highest office.  

Porter: Just call him ‘Mr. President’

Rantoul Press columnist

I can’t get my wife to call me Mr. President. She reminds me that I’m lucky enough to be called a resident here. But I finally am a president of something.

Visel: Movies and puzzles and books, oh my!

‘“Libraries are necessary gardens, unsurpassed at growing excitement.”

American poet, author, and U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate (2011-2013) J. Patrick Lewis penned that statement that aptly includes Rantoul Public Library.

Letters to the Editor: May 17

Slap hands, Mr. Anderson

To the editor:

High fives to Jack Anderson.

The uncovered “good-ole-boy” mistakes.

Back peddling. Now that is funny.

Cathy Belcher, Rantoul

Porter: In Chicago prison (sort of)

Rantoul Press columnist

It was a beautiful day to be trapped inside a prison yard.

Well, it wasn’t a prison yard, but it felt like one. It was a triangular courtyard surrounded by imposing brick walls with two wide entryways, both blocked by large, barred and locked gates.

Poremba: Hope all moms had a good Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was Sunday.

I wish all mothers good health, happiness and hugs to all of you. I hope you had a day of joy with family.

In last week’s Press I asked for a recliner for a man so he could sleep with some comfort.

He now has his chair. I thank the donor for the generosity and kindness.

Fogal: Four of SHARE’s horses totally blind

Rantoul Press columnist

DEWEY — Welcome to spring at the Society for Hooved Rescue and Emergency in rural Dewey.

The pastures are now fully green, and our many horses (50) love this time of year.