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Carp's Corner: Would the Cubs winning the World Series really be good for baseball?

I’m a St. Louis Cardinals fan. Let's get that out of the way right off the bat.

Ever since I walked into the friendly confines of old Busch Stadium when I was 9 years old, I fell in love (hope I didn’t hurt any Cubs’ fans feelings by stealing the title Wrigley Field holds).

Pace: In the end, every knee will bow

It is because I know from reading the Bible that God is truly over all.

I wonder why life has to be so hard sometimes, and I wonder why we cannot have everything our way. To know the answers to everything at all times is not a good way to live life.

Poremba: Positive vibes needed for positive weather

I don’t want to hear one more word about the woolly worms from anyone. If it stays like this all winter it will be just wonderful.

No more talk of blinding storms because of a worm with a fur coat.

Visel: Local author to sign books Saturday

It’s no secret Rantoul Public Library offers a fine variety of books, movies and music. It’s also no surprise the library maintains a busy calendar of special activities and events open to everyone in our community.

Letters to the editor


Disagrees with some of mayor’s comments

To the editor:

Mayor Smith sure paints a rosy picture when it comes to recent developments in Rantoul, doesn’t he?

Reeder: I remember a little girl

SPRINGFIELD – Is it possible to mourn the death of someone you never knew?

I’ve found myself doing that every Sept. 17 for the past 26 years.

Back in 1990, I was working as the night police reporter for another newspaper when I was dispatched to a fire at a school playground at 9 p.m.

Guest commentary: Kelly clarifies comments on townships


For Rantoul Press

In view of the response of some to the report of our last meeting I feel I must at least make an effort to clarify my position and present an accurate portrayal of our comments at the last meeting regarding village revenue.

Poremba: Looking forward to bus service

Bus service in Rantoul in our town. Wow!

It is going to be great for the people I have spoken to. The residents I have spoken to like the fact that this company has picked them up and returned them to their homes.

This makes it so much safer for the senior citizens. I am looking forward to riding on the bus with my sisters and grabbing a bite of lunch.

Kelley: Newcastle is like nothing in Central Illinois

First in a two-part series on southern Illinois tourism

A web search for Newcastle, Ill., reports there are no recent census figures available but there are statistics on surrounding areas such as Carrier Mills or Harrisburg. Another search result says “things to do in Newcastle, Illinois”; funny but there hasn’t been anything to do in Newcastle since it ceased to exist in the 1960s.

Evans: Some choice we have for president; it’s my grandkids who I worry about

Everyone you talk to simply can’t believe the poor choices we now have for president of the United States — Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Both have an aura of corruption surrounding them. It seems Americans have a hard time believing either is trustworthy, truthful and honest. One can’t blame voters.