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The Library Corner: Farm animals invade the library

Summer activities continue to fill the calendar at Rantoul Public Library.

From the Paws to Read reading program to the upcoming Medieval Afternoon, July at the library has something for every member of the family.

Expressions: Living small, but living large

By the time this article goes to print, my family will have successfully hosted yet another large party at our home in honor of our daughter’s graduation and several smaller summer get-togethers. In its 14 years of existence, our house has been the warm gathering place for friends and family.

Letters to the Editor: July 2

Looking good, Rantoul

To the editor:
I would like to commend the village of Rantoul on its well-done job in the area of community beautification — mowing, planting flowers, replacing diseased trees with new ones.  

Go Ask Alex: Time to get behind U.S. soccer in the World Cup


America loves an underdog.

On the world’s stage, the United States is anything but. Regardless of the issues the nation may be facing today, we are often a dream destination and the envy of countries around the world.

Letters to the Editor: June 25

Spending mucho moola to study train noise is a bad idea

To the editor:
I have lived in Rantoul ever since I returned from Korea in 1954. I worked on Chanute Air Force Base for 33 years; also operated a furniture business for many years.

A lot of things have happened since I have been here in the past 60 years, most of them being good.

Pauline's Corner: Check out the new restaurant in Potomac

Thursday was an amazing day. A friend of mine took me to Potomac, and we stopped and had lunch at Country Kitchen.

The people who run this establishment are really nice, and the food was great. I am looking forward to trying out their all-you-can-eat buffet Friday. I will let you all know how it was.

Statehouse Reeder: They don’t write so pretty good

A bit of hay is being made, over a grammar error that will appear on the ballot this November.

It seems, no one caught the improper use of the word “their” in the text of the proposed ballot question.

Fostering Hope: Heartbreak often goes unnoticed

It didn’t take long for the school to start calling about Addy, our third foster child. His teacher stated he switched friends constantly and there had been some name calling. His bathroom “etiquette” was also not too good.

His teach also told Hal and me she had never seen a child so gifted in drawing. Addy often drew me pictures at home and was indeed very artistic and creative.

Letters to the Editor: June 18

President should be impeached

Pauline's Corner: Goodwill's good deeds

Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries has a great message for everyone.

After my visit to Christie Clinic I started to think of the many calls I received from people wanting information on how to get rid of old electronics. That’s when I remembered the flyer I saw at Goodwill.

I asked the manager, Barb, if I could put this in the Press, and she gave me permission to do so.