Cartoonist: Newspapers play vital role in democracy

Stephen Pastis got a great deal of attention from his “Pearls Before Swine” cartoon Sunday strip that appeared in Jan. 13 newspapers. It focuses on the role of newspapers as watchdogs over local government, and how that future could be jeopardized by the internet.

Porter: His shampoo is smooth, but it gives him the jitters

Rantoul Press columnist

Time got away from me, so I’m recycling a column from 2013. Recycling is good, right?

I’m not suggesting that this was the best column from the recycling bin, but it was the first one I grabbed:

Pace: What you see is what you get

For those of you who truly know me, then I know you truly see me as I am.

I am a person with a great desire and passion for helping others in need. I strive daily to be obedient to the Word of God and live a life that is a righteous example that comes from following Christ Jesus.

Reeder: If it’s offensive, then don’t go

SPRINGFIELD – Twenty-five years ago some folks were offended when Gov. Ann Richards attended a performance of the “The Vagina Monologues” on Broadway.
Prudish, mostly conservative individuals found the idea of women talking about their private parts, well, disconcerting.  

McCaleb: Capitol building will remain ‘unsafe workplace’ as long as Madigan is speaker

The best journalists are the ones who ask tough but fair questions.

Ethically challenged politicians don’t like those journalists and often try to silence them because they don’t like the questions being asked.

Greg Bishop is one of those journalists.

Berg: Madigan’s power runs deeper than the speaker vote

When Mike Madigan first became speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives in 1983, Illinois was among a handful of states that enjoyed a AAA credit rating. In 2013, Illinois was declared the least creditworthy state in the nation. Now the state is just one notch above junk status.

Reeder: More in-school counseling services needed

GALESBURG — Sometimes the only thing a troubled teenager needs is an encouraging word and an adult who is willing to listen.

Being a teenager has never been easy, but today young people face new pressures.

Porter: Remembering first car, an old Cadillac hearse


Rantoul Press columnist

I’m not really a “car guy,” but sometimes, I think about all the different cars I’ve had and wish I had most of them back.

Fogal: All the SHARE horses and volunteers wish everyone a Happy New Year


Rantoul Press columnist

Since we all believed in Santa, and he got our wish list, he was able to make some of our wishes come true at Society for Hooved Animals Rescue and Emergency.

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