Letter to the editor: Look forward to reading Quealy columns

To the editor:

I hope you realize what a treasure you have in Brendan Quealy.

I look forward to reading his columns. It’s refreshing to read his positive take on things and self-effacing humor.

A real change from some of your whining, negative contributors. (Not Pauline. I like her too.)

B.B. Wall

Letter to the editor: Going to just one garbage hauler not answer

To the editor:

Regarding Cathy Belcher’s letter to the Rantoul Press of Wednesday, July 16, concerning garbage collection in Rantoul, I agree with her opinion completely.

Letter to the editor: Quit spraying Rantoul bike paths

To the editor:

The newest Rantoul bike path that runs behind my home is indeed a positive addition to our town; however, I wonder why the crew that maintains the path was instructed to spray all of the foliage along the fence row portion of the path along Clark Street.

Reeder: Texas can teach Illinois a thing or two

PORT ISABEL, TEXAS — I like to eat at blue-collar diners and cafés, particularly when I’m on vacation.

It’s a chance to step beyond the homogenized national chains and experience a bit of local flavor.

And being a reporter, I like to chat up local folks to find out a bit about their community.

Chumbley: There once was a nation that was the bulwark of freedom

There once was a nation that became legendary in history because of its bold embrace of democracy. Instead of the individual’s welfare being subordinated to the good of the state, the rights of the individual were held to supersede the rights of the state.

Poremba: Pay a visit to the Whistle Stop

Lately I’ve been visiting downtown Rantoul a lot and want to pass along different places to visit.

One is The Whistle Stop at 107 N. Kentucky Ave. in the old train station.

Stop in and get a surprise. They have many items to look. And say “hi” to Denise King.

Letter: More volunteers urgently needed in Gifford

To the editor:

The Long Term Recovery Committee in Gifford has been helping three families in Gifford build their homes, very similar to what Habitat for Humanity has done.

These families are providing a majority of the funding for the materials needed for their homes; we have been providing the labor with the volunteers that have been coming to town all summer.

Letter: Nothing better than Rantoul July 4 parade

To the editor:

“Nothin’ could be finer than to be in Carolina in the mornin’.”

So goes an old song, but I beg to differ.

I say, “Nothin’ could be better than a parade done to the letter,          

All the smiling, upturned faces

Line the red, white, and blue festooned places.

Letter: Rantoul garbage hauler study would be waste of time

To the editor:

Why is Rantoul wasting money to study the need to go to one trash service?

Chumbley: Wrongdoers succeed because of 'right doers'

The drumbeat of political corruption seems incessant.

Money dutifully paid in taxes for the proper functioning of society and state is misappropriated by politicians to buy votes. Sweetheart deals/crony capitalism (i.e., bribes) favor and enrich the few at the expense of ordinary citizens.

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