Letters to the editor March 20

Mailing that attacked pair was offensive

To the editor:
The recent mailing from the Concerned Parents and Taxpayers of Rantoul City Schools was not only tactless, but also offensive.

Guest commentary: Don't let your voice be silenced

For Rantoul Press

“Old enough to fight, old enough to vote.”

The idea that 18-year-old boys who were old enough to be drafted should be old enough to vote for the people who sent them to war first surfaced during World War II.

Poremba: Card sender insulted candidates

Rantoul Press columnist

I thank all the people who took the time to wish me a happy 77th birthday. Bless all of you, and thank you.

Now I am not sure if the group that sent the cute post cards out that said you vote for whomever, you want, just don’t vote for the  two that they had pictured.

Fogal: Difficult to deal with unexpected loss

Rantoul Press columnist

DEWEY — Thank goodness March has arrived. After weeks of cold, wind, snow and rain we can hope that spring is almost upon us.

What being a sports reporter means to the local community

The Bradley Braves will be doing something the team hasn’t done in about 13 years, going to the NCAA Tournament. The team had to win the Missouri Valley Conference Tournament on Sunday to get in the tournament. That’s quite an accomplishment, especially considering how small of a school Bradley is, which I’ll tell you is only about 5,400 students.

Pace: Seeing things through God's eyes

Rantoul Press columnist

It is time to tell the truth. Truth still is the No. 1 reason to do the right thing, say the right thing and behave in a manner worthy of being trusted.

In life we all fall short of the glory of God, but that does not mean you have to continue in shortcomings. It is still a noble attribute to walk in truth.

Berg: Progressively worse: Pritzker’s tax push has a dangerous precedent

For Rantoul Press

Gov. J.B. Pritzker took his first steps toward axing Illinois’ flat income tax protection this week. His administration began building a roll call on what will be one of the toughest Statehouse votes in years, with the House of Representatives as the battleground.

Wang: There is an art to fortune cookies

Rantoul Press columnist

Currently I am halfway through teaching an OLLI class on the Art of Collecting Art. I have to say one of the most rewarding parts of collecting art is the opportunity to learn from the art collected.

Porter: The Tooth Fairy a little stingier in the Midwest

Rantoul Press columnist

Bad news for kids these days. The tooth fairy has reduced her rates by 14 percent from last year.

I don’t know how these numbers are tracked, but a group called Delta Dental apparently polls its young patients, or perhaps they have a direct line for the tooth fairy. I’d like to get that phone number.

Letters to the editor for March 13

Negative campaign mailing was tactless; courtesy encouraged

To the editor:

Many residents of Rantoul recently received a notice upon the current state of educational affairs grades K through 8.

Voters in the Rantoul school district do not need to be advised as to how they should elect their new school board.

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