Prairie Writings: There have been heroes among us

In “Beneath the Banner,” F. J. Cross wrote that “All who, forgetful of self, have striven to render their country free and glorious are true heroes.”

Guest Commentary: Many from Rantoul in service to our country

For Rantoul Press

On May 30th, 2005, former Mayor Neal Williams issued the following proclamation:

To aall to whom these presents shall come:

No Child Unloved: Will our view ever change?

Rantoul Press columnist

Children’s homes aren’t always bastions of hope. I mean no disrespect to the people who diligently work in these homes and listen to kids who have nobody in the world. But some of the leaders have a track record of being too rough.

Editorial: A perfect example of public representation

People in the community have a right to know what is happening. And they need to be given information in language they can understand.  

That was the essence of the parting comments made by a member of the Chanute Restoration Advisory Board at her last meeting on the board

The Almost Adult: To mother, wherever you are

For Rantoul Press

I wish I knew you.

I wish I knew the color of your eyes. I’ve been told both “green” and “hazel,” and I just need to be sure.

Pauline's Corner: Memories of those New York jelly donuts

Rantoul Press columnist

B. Quealy, after reading your article, I sat for a few minutes. “Donuts!” I screamed.

Oh, turn me loose. Growing up we had a Jewish bakery around the corner, and I loved their jelly donuts. No one on this planet could make them like the Jewish brothers in Brooklyn, and they were 5 cents each.

Prairie Writings: Playing on, even if a string broken

Rantoul Press columnist

I have read that during a concert in Munich that Ole Bornemann Bull — the highly acclaimed, 19th-century Norwegian violinist — brilliantly finished a piece he was playing even after one of the strings on his violin broke.

“Playing on after a string has broken,” said Fosdick, “is the human problem in epitome.”

Statehouse Reeder: It’s time to freeze property taxes

Rantoul Press columnist

SPRINGFIELD — Like many of you, I received my annual property tax bill in the mail this past week and cringed.

My wife and I bought our dream home a decade ago, when our oldest daughter was just a baby and her two sisters were just dreams to fill empty bedrooms.

Art = Life: Art integral part of humanity

Rantoul Press columnist

Since I came to Illinois more than 20 years ago, May has been of special interest to me because it is the month students graduate.

Expressions: Discovering the bravery of her ancestors

Rantoul Press columnist

Every so often I examine one of the photos that I retain as curator of the family genealogy collection, and stare into the faces of who I’ve deemed “the unknown Hoffmanns.”

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