Fostering Hope: Welcoming pair of new foster children

My husband, Hal, and I had just met our next two foster children, biracial siblings Addy (8) and Danneli (10).

We spent a small amount of time talking with their current foster parents before taking the children to lunch. We allowed them to pick a restaurant and ended up at a fast food place.

Pauline's Corner: Book brought back bad memories

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I also pray that all enjoyed the true meaning of the celebration, “life and renewal.”

The trees begin to bloom and the flowers start showing their beautify. Our Lord died on the cross for all of us and our sins. He then sent us the beauty of nature for our eyes to look upon.

Be Encouraged: Stop waiting on others for validation

It is time to step up and step out and stop waiting for others to validate you.

Time has been an ongoing issue, and we need to make up our minds about doing what we know God has called us to do, in spite of the circumstances. The time is now.

On the beat with the Chief: Working for Peel’s Police was more than a challenge

History was one of my most favorite courses of study in school. I always enjoyed, even today, anything that has a historic background.

We all have a history ourselves. Where we came from, what eras we encountered, family lineage and life experiences are all a part of our history. Even our death is history.

The Library Corner: Rantoul authors fair April 25, 26 at library

The public is cordially invited to attend the highly popular local authors fair at Rantoul Public Library.

Prairie Writings: Make a difference in the world: Kiss the ugly too

The Bible says that the patriarch Job was a great man. And in the book that bears his name it says that he was great because he was good.

Be adventurous: Read Bible and then apply it to your life

Believing in the one and only God is the answer that you see. Trust Him and live.

I have trusted in things that have no eternal value to them. Why is it so much easier to trust in the things that corrupt and fade away?

I must give myself permission to trust in the invisible loving God.

Art = Life: Boneyard arts fest spreading its wings in three locations

This month marks the 12th annual Boneyard Arts Festival. Presented annually every spring by 40 North 88 West, the Boneyard Arts Festival is a four-day event to bring together local artists, businesses and organizations for a special event showcasing the broad range of creative activity flourishing in our community.

Pauline's Corner: Be sure to check the ingredients

As many of you know, we live in a world where so many people have allergies to food, plants, pets and so many other things.

Letters to the Editor: April 9

Have no fear: Jesus on our side

To the editor:

The world is filled with suffering and strife; nevertheless, Jesus said we shouldn’t fear that which harms only the body. Rather, we should fear Him who can cast both body and soul into hell.  

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