Scott Reeder

Reeder: If it’s offensive, then don’t go

SPRINGFIELD – Twenty-five years ago some folks were offended when Gov. Ann Richards attended a performance of the “The Vagina Monologues” on Broadway.
Prudish, mostly conservative individuals found the idea of women talking about their private parts, well, disconcerting.  

Reeder: More in-school counseling services needed

GALESBURG — Sometimes the only thing a troubled teenager needs is an encouraging word and an adult who is willing to listen.

Being a teenager has never been easy, but today young people face new pressures.

Reeder: Outoing governor spent over $50 million trying to return to a job he didn’t want?

SPRINGFIELD – Let me get this straight — Bruce Rauner spent more than $50 million of his own money to keep a job he really didn’t want?

Apparently, after reviewing his poll numbers that showed he was not quite as well liked as tooth decay, he got cold feet and didn’t want the job anymore.

He now says he offered four individuals campaign money to run in his place.

Reeder: Lawmakers need to find a way to operate state government within its means

SPRINGFIELD – Last month, I wrote a column on an idea being pitched by State Rep. Jeanne Ives that contends that state pensions may be illegal contracts because they violate the state constitution.

The Republican from Wheaton contends that during the past several decades lawmakers knowingly underfunded pensions, violating the balanced budget clause of the state constitution.

Reeder: Racism continues to live in hearts of people

SPRINGFIELD – When you are a young man, 20 years seems a long time.

But as we age it seems just the blink of an eye.

I was thinking about that last week when I watched “Green Book,” a movie about a gifted black pianist, Don Shirley, touring the segregated South in the early 1960s with his white driver.

Reeder: Getting out of financial mess will be difficult for the state

SPRINGFIELD – A new governor has been elected, and soon after he takes the oath of office in January, he will learn mathematics can be quite unkind.

The state of Illinois is teetering on the brink of a fiscal chasm.

No state is in worse shape than the Land of Lincoln. None.

Reeder: Always something to be thankful for

There is no place more miserable to be on Thanksgiving Day than in a buffet line in a Las Vegas casino.

Reeder: Madigan an unmitigated failure as House speaker

Mike Madigan is a man in love.

The usually stoic Illinois speaker of the House is smitten.

And last week, he didn’t even try to hide who he holds dear.

The object of his affections?

Why, it is himself of course.

Reeder: In governor’s race choose neither

“We have to keep our eyes on the goal and go straight through between both errors.”

                    — C.S. Lewis

Reeder: How come teachers lose their first names?

SPRINGFIELD – I found myself sitting on a chair much too small on Thursday and addressing individuals younger than myself as “mister” or “missus.”

The time of the parent/teacher conference is upon us.

When I was a kid, I dreaded such conferences.

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