Pauline Poremba

Poremba: Jesus is the Way needs donations

I am just starting to feel better. I had two horrible weeks with flu-cold symptoms. The medicine I was taking did the job.

I am glad I have a good doctor.

I want to thank the woman who called me today. She donated the queen size sheets I asked for. Someone needed them. So that is off of the list.

Jesus is the Way Prison Ministry is in need of donations.

Poremba: Don’t have to listen to political bickering

This week I want to thank the Lord that we won’t have to listen to the Democrats and the Republicans call each other names any longer — at least for a while.

Poremba: She’s back! Pauline returns after unretiring

Hello, friends. It has been a few weeks since I decided I was going to retire from writing this column. It didn’t happen and won’t happen.

When I read the paper and watch how we are allowing the world to fall apart right in front of us and in our own beloved America that stands for so much, I scream, “Why? Get up and do something. Please, please notice and look around you.”

Poremba: Seek and Find Ministries seeks help

The Seek and Find Ministries thrift shop is in need of volunteers.

Please stop by and sign up. It is a good place to work. So many smiles light up the place. Give it a try and find out for yourself.

The shop is located at 233 N. Garrard St. in Rantoul.

Peace Meal transportation problem solved

Poremba: Be blessed by the families you meet

When you are lucky enough to meet a family that is loving and caring you feel blessed as I did.

Mr. and Mrs Santo (Sam) Barilla are both deceased. Sam left Jan. 28 to be with his wife, Elvira, and the Lord. He was 90.

Poremba: Aggravated at C-CARTS bus system

After reading the story in last week’s Rantoul Press about some senior citizens being unable to make it to Peace Meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays because the C-CARTS buses not traveling to where they are held at Community Service Center, I called the bus company’s office and left a message for the manager for a call back.

I wanted to know what C-CARTs actually does.

Poremba: Prayers requested for loved ones lost

Prayers requested the Bross family they have suffered a great loss as the husband and father of this family is resting in the arms of our Lord.

Another loss for Rantoul, Linda Minch has also left to walk with the angels. Prayers for this family please.

Poremba: ‘He was always with a smile and will be missed’

I am asking for prayers for Connie Franzen. She has lost her father, Wayne Rasmus.

I always enjoyed talking to him. He was always with a smile, and will be missed .

Poremba: Fourteen-year-old has heart surgery

I have such wonderful news to tell. The new year comes forth with the miracle we all prayed for.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Allen of Rantoul, parents of Robert (R.J.) Allen want to thank everyone for their prayers, calls, cards and donations. You all touched their  hearts with your kindness.

Poremba: Time to rest up from the holidays

Christmas and New Years have come and gone. How sad.  

The Christmas preparations took forever (just seemed that way ), and in less than a minute the pretty wrapping that was done is a total wreck. The food that was prepared with love for family and friends is all gone, and  so are the people.

Time to clean up and rest.

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