Paul Farber

'Herman Goering looked very thin'

RANTOUL — He watched Nazis on trial and saw monsters like Hermann Goering humbled — sentenced to death, Adolf Hitler’s former right-hand man chose to commit suicide the night before he was supposed to be hanged.

Farber: Remember your pets in this frigid weather

The cold weather seems to be relentless, but fortunately we have had little snow to speak of.

Please keep in mind during the cold period to keep a close eye on your pets. Domesticated animals have a difficult time handling cold weather.

Many breeds by nature are not meant to be cold-weather animals. Limit your pets’ outside exposure to the winter elements.

Farber: Have a cup of joe with the chief

December is upon us, and a new year is looming very near.

This past year seemingly went by very quickly.

As the year 2014 comes to an end, it is time to reflect, not on the past because it is gone. Our sights should be focused on today and how we can make each day better for others.

On the Beat with the Chief: Paul's pointers to stay safe this winter

Rantoul Press columnist

Old Man Winter is starting toward us. Here are annual safety tips for you.

Indoor safety
• If possible, stay indoors and dress warmly.
• Close off unused rooms.
• Seal drafts from doors and windows.
• Avoid unnecessary opening of doors or windows.

On the Beat with the Chief: Get ready to fall back on Sunday

We are getting down to the home stretch for 2014. It seems this year has flown by.

Sunday, Nov. 2, will be the “fall back” in time. We turn our clocks back one hour.

Of course, we know that all the dropping back and moving forward in the spring has been going on since the 1960s. And, yes, that is more than 50 years.

On the Beat with the Chief: RPD to wear uniform cams

Rantoul police officers, in the next few weeks, will start wearing body cameras while performing their duties. Yes, body cameras will be used to protect the officers as well as the citizens. We now have the equipment.

On the Beat with the Chief: Never overlook a penny for a quarter

In last week’s edition I touched on change which is a definite thing and cannot be stopped — regardless of one’s feelings. We will, in the years to come, see many changes in our community.

On the Beat with the Chief: Always embrace change when it comes

As I said in the last issue — change is coming to this article.

I have been using the term “shelf life” a lot in conversation lately — shelf life simply meaning the way we do things must come to an end and be changed or restock must occur.

On the beat with the Chief: With school back in, be careful

School has officially started, so once again a reminder to drive with caution and know that a lot of students will be out going to and from.

Students, please obey pedestrian requirements. Never assume that a vehicle sees you or will stop for you.

Hope you had a great Labor Day weekend.

Whenever driving on a holiday weekend, “watch out for the other guy.” Drive carefully.

On the beat with the Chief: School Resource Officers ready for the start of the school year

It has been a hectic time at Rantoul Police Department during the last month with all the adjustments that have taken place with the conversion to METCAD.

As I have reported, the “cut over” was very clean with a few ripples here and there, but everything has worked out well with you, the citizen, getting the same quality of service.

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