Patrick Wade

Cocaine nets drug charges

RANTOUL — A Champaign man faces a felony drug charge after being caught in Rantoul with nine small bags of cocaine.

U.S. 45 from Rantoul to Thomasboro to be resurfaced

RANTOUL — U.S. 45 from Rantoul to Thomasboro will be resurfaced as part of an $8.6 billion transportation construction program for 2015 through 2020.

The project includes $9 million for resurfacing on 6.1 miles of U.S. 45 from Tanner Street in Rantoul to 1.5 miles south of Thomasboro.

Other area projects that are part of the program:

Many Gifford residents want to stay but need a hand

GIFFORD — Judy Singh drove her car for about five weeks after the storm until it finally overheated and clunked out.

It turned out the tornado drove a 2-by-4 through her radiator and into her engine. It shouldn’t have been running at all.

Basketball practice, school Monday help to make things 'feel a little more normal' in Gifford

GIFFORD — The Gifford Grade School Eagles got back into the gymnasium on Friday for their first basketball practices after the storm.

John Frerichs, one of the three eighth-grade players, said it felt good to take a break from the abnormal.

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