Michelle Burroughs

So it Goes: Customer service at its finest, worst

When a product or service is purchased, customer service is ideally supposed to ensure customer satisfaction with that product or service.

Recently, I have had numerous positive experiences at a particular local business in town which runs rings around the customer service offered by a good number of corporate giants today.

So it Goes: What really grinds my gears

My plan for the last two weeks has been to write a serious column about the international relations nightmare in the Middle East. This morning, despite my dread of the depressing topic, I resolved to do just that, until I had a light-hearted vent session with some girls at work.

So it Goes: Hard to know what to do in Nigerian Boko crisis

Lately, many of us have been thinking a lot about the 276 Nigerian girls still missing after they were snatched from their boarding school beds in the dead of night more than a month ago.

An attitude of gratitude for her church upbringing

Yes, I’m afraid this is going to be another one of those sappy, hometown pieces that I tend to do from time to time.

Burroughs: We're not living in a winter wonderland

Rantoul Press columnist

I normally consider myself lucky to live in a part of this country that allows me to experience a little bit of every season. I still get a twinge of excitement with those first few flakes and can typically find my way to the bright side of winter throughout the month of January.

So it Goes ... Remember humanity this holiday

Here we are; it’s Christmas, again. Isn’t it inspiring to see folks brandishing a genuine sense of generosity, good will and good humor toward one another, if only for a little while?

Burroughs: Pope Francis unfairly attacked

As I have said many times before, we must be consistently vigilant about discerning real information from misinformation in the media. Hate-filled apprehension has seethed from the right toward Pope Francis in recent months. In response, I feel compelled to convey and clarify his message of hope and love toward believers and non-believers, alike.

Burroughs: Need to keep an eye on NSA

A good number of liberals and conservatives found themselves standing in solidarity about something big recently.

Burroughs: Some more avenues for affordable health care

In this final article of my three-part series on access to affordable healthcare within our community, we will take a look at options for pharmacy assistance, mental health care and options available through the Affordable Care Act.

Burroughs: Area dental options open to low-income residents

Last month, we talked about affordable health care options for individuals in our community who are either uninsured or underinsured. This month, I want to look at options for those individuals who do not have adequate access to dental care.

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