Julie Wurth

A time to harvest, a chance to mourn

GIFFORD — As they do every year, John Franzen and Ryan Ackerman headed out to the fields to bring in their fall harvest — with one important person missing.

Their usual partner, John “Bud” Hannagan — of the Gordyville Hannagans, the man everybody knew, the man who made “life of the party” an art form — died unexpectedly a little over a month ago.

Families, businesses in Gifford start to get some relief

GIFFORD — More than $66,000 has been distributed to homeowners and businesses affected by the Nov. 17 tornado that struck Gifford and surrounding communities, even as money continues to flow into various relief funds.

Lost and found set up from Gifford storm

GIFFORD — A ring with three stones. A Harley Davidson duffel bag. Old baseball cards. And someone’s back X-ray.

Personal possessions scattered by Sunday’s tornado are piling up in a couple of bins at the Gifford State Bank, where Tanna Suits has become a human lost and found.

Gifford begins the process of cleanup

GIFFORD — Lorraine Buenting crouched behind her fireplace during Sunday’s tornado, her husband hanging onto her for dear life as the wind tried to pull her down the hall.

They survived, but half their house didn’t.

Tornado just missed Thomasboro

THOMASBORO — Sunday’s tornado just missed Thomasboro and roared over U.S. 45, touching down a mile east at the Ehler farm.

John Ehler, 30, said he and his wife were watching news coverage of the storm when he looked out the window and saw a tornado coming from across the road. Then he saw the top half of his pine tree fly by the window.

HOME ALONE: 5-year-old Jacob Chittick was supposed to be taken to an after-school program; instead, a busing mistake left him crying and upset

FISHER — The first day of school was like Christmas for 5-year-old Jacob Chittick, who woke up at 5 a.m. thrilled to finally be in kindergarten.

He literally skipped into Fisher Grade School, loved his teacher, and by all accounts had a great time — right up until he was left home alone for five hours because of a busing snafu.

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