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METCAD loan for Urbana approved

URBANA — After failing to budget for its METCAD payment, Urbana will be able to spread out the $94,185 shortfall over the next four years but on different terms than originally requested.

Officials give Urbana mayor earful about delinquent METCAD payments

URBANA — Government officials from across Champaign County expressed frustration with Urbana over its delinquent payments to METCAD at a contentious meeting of the agency’s policy board Thursday.

Talking trash (hauler): Area communities have differing views on single-hauler issue

RANTOUL — In November 2013, Rantoul officials realized that 770 households in town did not pay for trash service. Instead, the garbage of thousands was being dropped in the country, snuck into dumpsters or disposed of at workplaces.

Residents were able to skirt the village’s waste removal requirement by not subscribing to either of the town’s two services.

Think revenue freeze a shock? Don't bet on it

SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Bruce Rauner’s decision to suspend video-gambling revenue disbursements to municipalities until the state has a budget in place shouldn’t affect area towns too badly.

They’ve been bracing for this.

Rantoul part of new Street Crimes Task Force

URBANA — In a four-day period in February, the Urbana police department and Sheriff’s office responded to seven similar shootings. Overall, there were 68 bullets fired into 7 different houses, where there were 28 community members, including 17 children.

One of life's certainties comes due

URBANA — With first payments due June 1 in Champaign and Douglas counties, here are five things you might not know about local property taxes.

Rantoul mayor to be honored at Parkland commencement

CHAMPAIGN — Rantoul Mayor Chuck Smith will be honored May 14 at Parkland College’s commencement ceremony at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

Smith earned degrees from Parkland in food distribution and marketing mid-management between 1972 and 1977, before earning a bachelor’s degree at Eastern Illinois University in 2007. He will receive the distinguished alumnus award.

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