John Eby

Group produces pleasant play despite rather flimsy script

“The Christmas Toyshop,” the final production of the 2013 season by Rantoul Theatre Group, has a familiar and predictable plot, with stock characters, a simple and sentimental message, and performances that will please many of the parents, friends and family members of the very large cast.

Theater review: "Romeo" cast shows various levels of ability

For the past century, Shakespeare, and especially “Romeo and Juliet” have been taught in all three levels of the educational system. After having first encountered the play in extensively abridged and even “comic book” formats during elementary school, most of us clearly remember reading and analyzing it during our high school years.  

Eby: ‘Alibis’ has its moments, but not enough of them

The Rantoul Theatre Group opens its 2013 season with a murder mystery. 

The graphic on the cover of the playbill for this production could make audience members think it’s a Sherlock Holmes mystery, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. But the play is far from that sophisticated type of mystery, and far from that masterful style of writing. 

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