Jillian Smith

Smith: Rocks in a sock in the toilet

Through all the hectic days and nights, foster siblings Addy and Danneli existed in their own little world. The comment from their previous foster mother,

“Well, you’ll see ...” became more meaningful to us as time went on.

Fostering Hope: Facing prejudice as a family

Not only did our five foster children experience physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse at the hands of their own families, as well as in other locations and placements, but they also had to contend with constantly changing schools, strangers in control of their lives and in some cases, even starvation.

Fostering Hope: Heartbreak often goes unnoticed

It didn’t take long for the school to start calling about Addy, our third foster child. His teacher stated he switched friends constantly and there had been some name calling. His bathroom “etiquette” was also not too good.

His teach also told Hal and me she had never seen a child so gifted in drawing. Addy often drew me pictures at home and was indeed very artistic and creative.

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