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Heart of the Matter: Halloween comes 365 days a year in Illinois

This year, try going as a Democrat for Halloween. It’s easy, here’s how.

You do it when the kids knock on your door, take half of whatever amount of candy they’ve worked for and then redistribute it to all the other kids in town who were too lazy to go trick-or-treating for themselves.

When they object, tell them it’s high time they paid their “fair share.” Real scary stuff.

Heart of the Matter: Quinn is not right for Illinois' future

We Illinoisans have a chance to wrest some power from corrupt Chicago Democrats next month.    

With our Gov. Pat Quinn’s dismal record of corruption and failure, it’s hard to believe that challenger Bruce Rauner isn’t dominating in the polls.

Heart of the Matter: Lions, global warming and Ferguson, oh my!

Here’s a few random thoughts on things in general as summer 2014 fades away and a new school year zooms in.

Heart of the Matter: D'souza's 'America' on point

Did you know the first self-made female millionaire in the United States was a black woman? No it’s not Oprah Winfrey; it was Madame C. J. Walker a.k.a. Sarah Breedlove Walker, way back in the early 1900s.

You certainly wouldn’t know that if you’re getting your history from Howard Zinn, academia’s current darling of revisionist, warts-only American history.

Heart of the Matter: Reder showed that attitude so important in succeeding

Here’s a few random thoughts on current events.

Did you catch the fantastic human interest story on Davion Reder in last week’s Rantoul Press written by Editor Dave-O? Reder won this year’s Rantoul Exchange Club’s ACE Award. It’s given to a RTHS senior “who has faced the most difficult of circumstances yet excelled in school and in life.”

A look at life then and now

Let’s play a little game of now and then. This comes from the March 28 “Lone Tree Leader” newspaper called “School kids: 1957 vs. 2014.”

I just knew you would like it. Enjoy!

Heart of the Matter: Longing for days of Rockwellian existence in U.S.

I don’t write in first person much because I’m not very good at it. Maybe it’s the cold medicine, but I’m going to give it another shot. Hope it doesn’t ramble too much.
When I was growing up my family would pack up the car and head down to Piper City for weekend visits with Grandma Thompson.

Do we have what it takes to stand up for Constitution?

“If we’re unwilling to live by the Constitution, or if we stick our heads in the sand while politicians ignore and trample on it in the pursuit of their own autocratic agenda, the assurances of human dignity penned by  Jefferson, Adams, Madison and others aren’t worth the parchment they’re written on.”— Kenny Chumbley, Rantoul Press columnist.

Thompson: Why not televise late-term abortion?

Kudos to the Knights of Columbus. Did you see their beautiful pro-life message in last week’s paper?

Heart of the Matter: Mandela not all he's cracked up to be

A little potpourri for the holiday season.

Boy they sure made a big deal about Nelson Mandela dying, didn’t they? The guy will get no love in this column though.

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